Monday, February 4, 2013

A gift for a special friend ( :

I thought I would share a gift that I made using the My Creations All-Sorts Mini Album.  You may have one of these little treasures lying around your place and haven't known quite how to decorate it - so hopefully this will give you a few ideas.  AND if you don't have one - while we don't sell this particular chipboard album - there are plenty of other options in our latest idea book.
This book measures just under 6 1/4 x 6 1/4 - the pages have different widths so some are a little smaller.  I used just a few sheets of B&T, a little cardstock, I grabbed out some of the old Kraft Boarders (LOVED THOSE - and I'm sure many of you still have those as well), added a few of the alphabet stickers, sparkles, stamps - really was a blast to make ( :
I used Tombow to glue everything down & then liquid glass for the sparkles to be sure they stayed in place.  The Finishing Files will be your best friend on this little book as it will give you that nice clean edge around the fabulous detailed pages.  You could opt to sponge everything as well - but with time & my wrist issues I opted to skip that this time (:

This was a day trip we took last spring before my friend moved to Utah.  It wasn't a sunny day by any means - your typical PNWet day actually but we had a blast anyways!  Anacortes was beautiful, as we hiked along the Washington Park trail - the scenery was just amazing.

Of course with the rain comes those pesky slugs - they were out in masses that day and we couldn't believe the size of some of these guys!

I fell in love with the peeling trees - they were so beautiful to look at - and the deer were all everywhere.  Someone had placed nuts and seeds long the path. very fun :D

If you look close to the picture on the right - there is an Eagle flying past the tree - just one of many we saw that day - plus we caught a peek at some dolphin swimming as well : D
Of course no trip to Anacortes would be complete without a trip to Gere-a-deli's - such YUMMY sandwiches!

When you create these fun little albums - don't forget the back - I like to use a dark paper on the back so that it hides dirt etc - I typically don't put photos on the back but certainly that is an option.
Hope you enjoyed this fun little book and that it gives  you some ideas on what you can do with your own My Creation All-Sort Mini Album : D

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