Tuesday, January 8, 2013

and a partridge in a pear tree.....oh wait! that's supposed to read - Pear & Partridge for January ( :

This month we will be working on the Pear & Partridge layouts - I've added the studio J layout as well to this if you are interested in those measurements etc.

Bring the following to class:
Pear & Partridge kit - brochure, paper pack, embellishment (sparkles, rub-ons)
fiskars paper trimmer
paper piercer (for sparkles)
3-D foam (for trees)
sponge (for cashmere ink)
Trinity Alphabet (unless you have another you'd prefer to use)
extra colonial white cardstock if you want to build the other 2 layouts on colonial white as I did

cashmere (new color)
*I also used New England Ivy for the tree

2x3 1/2
2x6 1/2

Brochure layout:
4x6 (x2) landscape  (you could put flip flaps here if you wanted to increase the photo count)
4x6 (x1) portrait
3x4 (x1 or you could put flip flaps here which is what I opted to do) landscape

Bonus layout:
4x6 portrait
3x4 (x2) portrait (could put flip flaps here - I added some here as well)

Studio J layout:
6x8 landscape
4x6 portrait
3 7/8x3 7/8 (x3) - cut down a 4x4 square

**All pieces are sponged - including the photos in cashmere ink - I have most of mine sponged in photo here but some of the base pages are not sponged yet / :

**another note - the rub-ons - they have cut some of them - if you look closely you will notice they use part of one image on the right page of the brochure layout - and the rest of that image is used on the bonus layout.
Also keep in mind that when working with the rubons - remember they WILL stick to what you set them on - so don't lay them on a photo accidentally or it will be there permanently (:  I usually  cut my image I want off the sheet and work with that one image - I have found that easier to do.

**Watch your paper direction if you are using the pear & partridge print you want the birds upright not on their heads (:

On the brochure layout I pretty much followed this as it is in the brochure - I would recommend when you are setting out to stamp the scroll work across the top - take a pencil and draw a line 3" down from the top - and then another line at 4" - stamp that scroll work between those two lines - this will keep it at the level it needs to be at and help keep you straight when stamping ( :
the 4" line should be at the level of the skinny cranberry cardstock piece you see in the photo - so you wont need to erase it - just the 3" line.
I added the 3x4 flip flaps (from the packet I gave you for Christmas) in the upper left corner area.  Put the picture you want on the front into the flip flap - and layer as many as you want there.  Remember when using flip flaps - they attach to the outside of the sleeve - the opening should be facing the sleeve - so the white strip you see in the photo will fold back and attach onto the sleeve. - I can show you in class if you need help with this again.

Bonus layout:
Magic: Final Act
Piece A & B - pear & partridge B&T
Piece C & F & circle - Olive cardstock - circle I did 2 3/8 with coluzzle - so do 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 on cricut
Piece D & I - Desert Sand cardstock
Piece G - stripe B&T
they have added an additional mat to D & I - so that is in cranberry - and is cut just 1/8" larger than the photo - so in case of D - it would be 4 1/8 x 6 1/8 and I would be then 3 1/8 x 4 1/8.

I opted to build this layout on colonial white -  I also turned the green pieces over to use the back part which I personally liked better.   I opted to not cut the stripe piece on the left side - and haven't added anything there yet - BUT you could opt to put a piece of striped paper there - I would do it going across the page like it is on the right side - going from the left boarder and ending at the title strip. - same size width as on the right side.
I putt the 3x4 flip flaps on the right page as well. - again if you need a guide for the scroll image when you do that on the right side you can add the pencil marks for a guide.
Feel free to change titles and wording as you see fit (:

Studio J layout:
Olive Cardstock:
1/2 x 12 (x2)
1 x 12 (x2)

Pear & Partridge B&T: *watch when cutting this so you have the birds going upright not sideways.
4 x 12
1 1/2 x 6

Cranberry B&T
1/2 x 12 (x2)
2 1/2 x 6

I also cut a 5 1/2 circle for the left side - use the desert sand (if you have enough or the cashmere)
I opted to not cut the scallop edge since I was doing it for Aaron but you can totally do that - if you add it - it's Art Philosophy cartridge page 66 shift, font, - should give you the 4 bump scallop - I would then hit the fit to length key on the cricut and cut it to be 8" for the left side - the scallop will be large - you can cut off the flat edge to make it smaller if desired - you would do 6" for the second one.

Again - everything is sponged - add title - sparkles etc as desired ( :