Thursday, April 12, 2012

April is Pemberly ( :

UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH! where does the time go to?  I've had these pages pretty much done for weeks but just haven't had a moment to sit and get these posted! SOOOOO SORRRRRYYYYYY!  BUT the GOOD NEWS is that they are SUPER EASY to cut! WooHoo!

So - here's the scoop:

You need:
Pemberly Kit
Fiskars trimmer (for last minute stuff - most of this layout is Cricut cut!)
3-D foam
Sponge - for Desert Sand Ink
pixie or pudgie (eye shadow/chalk applicator for small sponge work) desert sand ink & honey ink *you could also just cut one of the round sponges up into a small wedge

paper piercer (for pearl work)
If you are making the cards they have you using the LIGHT Neutrals Pack - I adapted mine so they would be standard size for mailing - you can make them however you'd like ( :

Desert Sand
Out Door Denim

brochure layout :
4 - 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 PORTRAIT (this is wallet sized) - mine printed 2 1/2 x 3 - so I went with it ( :

second layout:
2 - 4 x 3 PORTRAIT
**small envelope area could house a 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 picture there if you'd like

OKAY - so Cricut Cuts:

These layouts are almost entirely cut using the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge - there are just a couple cuts using the paper trimmer on the second layout.  Even the cards are mostly cut w/cricut!

In the brochure they show you what to cut - LEAVE YOUR CARDSTOCK or B&T PAPER WHOLE! don't cut the outline measurements - just put the whole sheet on the mat and then cut the measurements listed - they tell you directly under the cardstock the size you cut and what page number / image you are doing.  Obviously if you are cutting different words then you will be using more cardstock then they list (like me).

When you cut the colonial white cardstock - before you take it out - if you are planning on creating the second layout - then cut the following:

pennants 3/4" (cut 6) pg 49
1 1/2" letters of choice for title
1 1/2" (cut 2) shift pg 50
1 1/4" (cut 2) shift pg 50
scalloped boarder 1/2" shift font pg 64
scalloped boarder 3/4" (cut 4) shift font pg 64

When you cut the outdoor denim B&T (it has the 3 circles on it) - you can also cut the envelope piece for the 2nd layout if you plan to do that - 3" shift font layout pg 29 (this should give you the envelope).

BOTH layouts are sponged using Desert Sand Ink

I took one of the square cards and adapted it to a standard card size - you can leave it as a square if you'd prefer. MUCH of this is cut on the cricut - so you will see cut measurements/page numbers for that.  All of these cards I sponged using CHOCOLATE INK and stamped in the same ink as well.  I used chocolate ink to sponge the wooden shapes, and tombow to adhere them to the card fronts. Add 3-D foam as desired.

Each of the cards I made 2 samples of - The heart card the heart is glued to the inside of the card so you peek through the heart window - the butterflies then are glued to the front of the heart card flap - I used 3-D foam on mine -be sure to only put the foam/glue on the edge of the wings that will be attached to the card - not over the open window.  On the last card I made one where the front it "flat" - I actually cut the B&T paper described below larger than what is stated and glued it to the inside of the window area - creating a flush front to work with.  On the second card you'll notice I cut the B&T paper (as listed below) the same size as the window and then had the dimensional look - just wanted to show you variations on the card.

Cut chocolate cardstock card bases: card 5 1/2 pg 58 (cut as many as you are doing cards)
3" font layer pg 58 (this is the scroll piece) cut one per card
1 1/2" pg 35 cut one per card
*you will only have one bird in your wooden shapes but you can use other images here as well ( :
Paper Trimmer cuts:
3/4" x 5 1/2 desert sand cardstock
zip boarder cut to 5 1/2 in length

Since we use the honey B&T paper for the layout I opted to use the floral paper for my heart. I also wanted this standard size so I cut the square card slightly smaller and put it on a flat card base backing.

Vanilla Cream cut 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 for flat base if you are doing that
chocolate cardstock 3 3/4 shift card pg 26 (cut as many as you are doing)
scalloped edge (cut 7 per heart) font shift pg 64 1/2" glue these every 1/4" on the heart cut out - starting at the bottom and working your way up
I added a word area since I added the back piece if you are doing the same then cut:
5/8 x whatever your wording is
3/4" x whatever your wording piece is add - 1" to that measure - then I cut a banner end to mine.

5 1/2" card pg 63 in vanilla cream (cut as many as you want to make of this card)
1 1/2" pg 65 CW cardstock
2 1/4" pg 65 B&T paper for background

flowers you will need one of each of the following per card:
2" pg 48 OUTDOOR DENIM cardstock
1 1/2"  pg 50 CW cardstock
1 1/4" pg 50 CW cardstock