Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mischief Layout

Okay - so we will be working on the Mischief Kit this month for classes - I unfortunately only have this one layout ready to post - so this is what I'll post for you ( :
I cut everything to what is listed in the brochure on this layout - no surprises here.  All of the pieces are sponged in black and then the images are stamped in Colonial White Pigment Ink - remember when using this ink that you want to ink the image carefully as this ink is much pastier than the regular ink - you will need a stamp cleaner OR damp paper towel to clean off the image as it will not just stamp clean.
Here are the materials you will need this month for class:
Mischief Kit (brochure, paper, midnight felt sheet & stamp set)
Paper trimmer
1 x 1 block
2 x 3 1/2 block
3 x 3 block
3 - D foam
Sponge (for black)
colonial white card bases & envelopes if you are doing cards
**I will put my craft heater in the bag - you may want to use it to set the pigment ink if you stamp it too heavy.
Posterboard Alphabet
**I also used the A Type set we got for free in August for my trunk or treat words

Colonial White Pigment Ink

2 1/2 x 3 1/2 (wallet size basically) PORTRAIT
2 1/2 x 3 1/2 LANDSCAPE

Second Layout Helps:
the brackets you see below the "she is" and then for the journaling area - I believe you could use cricut image Rectangle 8 on page 65 to create this.  Hit cut to length and do it 7 1/2 inches and then cut off the top which you wont need or share it with a friend ( :
for the journal area - you may need to play around with that - I don't know what the width will be on that 7 1/2 cut - if it makes the piece 5 1/2 tall or larger then you can just cut 2 of those as you will need that journal piece to be 5 1/2 tall.
The rest of this layout is straight forward - I will try to get mine finished up and posted as soon as possible but didn't want to delay any longer getting this stuff on for you ( :

See you soon!!

Mischief Cards ( :

Thought I'd give you a card sample done 3 ways this month for the Mischief kit!  I actually "created" this card myself so I will give you all the measurements below for each card - it's the same card just rotated ( :  So let's get started!
first you will need to make a few cricut cuts:
Black cardstock:
Card 1:
square 4 pg 53 cut the LAYER piece 1 3/4 size
pg 53 square 4 piece 1/2 size (x3)
pg 64 rectangle 3 cut the FONT SHIFT piece cut to length 4 1/4
Card 2:
pg 63 square 5 LAYER piece 1 3/4 size
pg 63 square 5 piece 1/2 size (x3)
cut out of the autumn terracotta cardstock and then spone w/black ink:
pg 66 shaper 5 FONT LAYER piece cut to length 4 1/4
Card 3:
pg 33 square 2 LAYER piece 1 3/4 size
pg 33 squre 2 piece 1/2 size (x3)
pg 62 oval 5 FONT piece cut to length 4 1/4
 all the cards use these 2 measurements for the card bases - the large piece is 4 x 4 1/4 and the small piece is 1 1/2 x 4 1/4.  On card 3 I added a 1/4 x 4 1/4 strip of the autumn terracotta b&t paper - has the demask pattern on the back.  I also added sparkles and 3-D foam to all of the cards to jazz them up a little.  Feel free to sponge the pieces in black if desired.  The ink used is Barn Red and Black - with the Fringed Phrases stamp set being used.

October Technique Class Christmas Card

This is a super easy card to make that is postage friendly ( :  start by taking a white card base and stamping an image in the middle - in this case - I stamped the center tree.  Next you will need to make a mask of the center image - you can easily do this by stamping the image onto a sheet of thin copy paper - cut the image out on the line and then use a temporary adhesive to attach the mask over the top of the stamped image on your card.  This will protect that image as you add the chalked skyline.  Next take a piece of copy paper and place it across the card where ever you'd like your skyline to begin at - I did mine almost half way up in this sample.  You can use that same temporary adhesive to adhere the copy paper to the card base to keep it from slipping.  Then using a pudgy (the chalk tool that looks like an eyeshadow puff) you will drag the chalk starting on that piece of copy paper you've adhered to the card pulling the chalk upward.  I started with a light purple color and then added a darker purple and then finally a little dark blue on my card to give some color.  There is no right or wrong way to create this cool background feature so play with it and have fun!  Once you are satisfied with your skyline - gently pull off that piece of copy paper and rub off any remaining temporary adhesive - do the same for the mask piece that you have placed on the tree (or whatever image you've used).  Then fill in with whatever additional images you desire.  In my case I've added a few more trees to my forest and a couple of snowflakes.  Finish it w/glitter and a sentiment and you are off!  I love this card!  It was super easy to make and best of all cost regular postage for mailing since it's flat!  woohoo ( : happy creating!