Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This month is Fanfare!

This month we will be working with the Fanfare workshops on the go kit. For class you will need the following items:
Fanfare kit (paper packet, stamp set, brochure & embellishments)
fiskars paper trimmer
glue dots
Scalloped punch (called for on the layout if followed as in brochure)
3-D foam (if desired)
bitty sparkles (if desired)
white cards & envelopes (if making cards)


layout 1: 6x5 PORTRAIT, 4 - 4x5 LANDSCAPE
layout 2: 5x7 PORTRAIT, 4 - 3x4 LANDSCAPE (or you can do 2 L and 2 P)

I have made a few modifications to this kit so take note of the following:

main layout: I used the FRONT of the main B&T paper instead of the all blue back - also added a paper inside the 2 white photo blocks on the right side - cut the measurements the same as for pieces I & K.  I used the blue sponged looking B&T there and also cut a mat for the main photo on the left side of the page.

I used the NEW Trinity Alphabet for the title - LOVE this set! It's a MUST HAVE for sure!!  Stamped the title using the kissing technique.  I inked the letter in Pacifica ink, stamped it off 2x so that I now have a 3rd generation ink left on the image - next I took the star pattern from the July stamp of the month and inked it with Pacifica ink - then I kissed that letter (which has the 3rd generation ink on it) onto the star - and then stamped my project.  It's a great effect don't you think?

second layout (Magic: Charmed pg 80):

Again I swapped the papers out on piece C & H and used the striped B&T there.  I also wanted to carry over that dark pattern from the first layout so I used that B&T paper for pieces D & E.

The cute foam #4 is from the animal cookies foam number set (which I know many of you have - those work great with this kit!).


here's where I made some changes:
I chose to use some of the B&T papers instead of the cardstock for the background pieces - I love the way it just adds to the card!   Add 3-D foam and sparkles for a little bling as well : )  Changing out the sentiment is also easy to do with these - I think this paper is great for making kids birthday cards!

The bonus cards are a 3x6 size - so I opted to make them as a traditional card size instead so I could utilize the card bases & envelopes we sell.  It was easy to do!  I looked up the card pattern in the Wishes book (pg81) and noted that piece A was 2" wide - so instead of cutting it to the 2x3 called for (for that pattern in the book) I just increased it to fit the standard card size 2x4 1/4.  Piece B was then cut to be 4 x 2 1/4 and piece C was cut to 3 3/4 x 2 1/2.  Now I truly didn't need to cut down these card measurements as they would have fit the card but I wanted to allow some of my patterned paper to show so I chose to reduce the size called for in the pattern by 1/2"

Making a few minor adjustments to a pattern is easy to do and it allows you to customize your cards or layouts to suit your needs.

Rubberband Therapy

Recently I've learned about this "new" therapy program that's designed to help one eliminate stress and adjust to new situations in life.  NOTE: to get the most benefit from this new treatment you will need the following materials: 2 rubber bands.

Here's how it works:

First, place the 2 rubber bands on your wrists. Once said rubber bands are securely in place you are ready to move on to the 2nd step.

 Second, when you feel stressed by a situation - grab one of the rubber bands on your wrist and pull said rubber band away from the wrist creating a gap between the wrist and the rubber band.  This gap should represent the level of stress you are feeling at that moment - so a small irritation might only require you to gently pull said band away a mere 1/8", while a major freak attack might require you to stretch the band to it's limits.  Now that the band is stretched you are ready to move to step 3.

Third, release said rubber band and let it snap back!  Yes, at times this will be only a slight sting but other times this 3rd step may seem unbearable but trust me - the pain will be but a small moment and soon you will find that rubber band back in place on your wrist and life will go on as if nothing happened.

I like this therapy - first off - it's extremely affordable for everyone who is in need of such a treatment.  It's an easy reminder to be FLEXIBLE and to SNAP BACK when faced with a change or adjustment to things that you may be resisting.  While change or adjustments aren't easy to handle, they CAN be handled and will last only a small moment in the big picture.  The sooner you let go and allow yourself to snap back into place the sooner you'll be able to move on in your happy life.

Why am I telling you this?  Cause CTMH has recently caused some of us to stretch recently.   Some changes have come into place - some are WONDERFUL and are easy to handle no problem.  Others are requiring us to stretch out of our comfort zone, and like I said, that can be slightly painful at times, but I promise that if you will allow yourself to snap back you will find some wonderful things in store for you with these new changes.

My website: will be under going some changes very soon - and this is going to require me to move the calendar features and artwork to another place.  This is where you will now find this information.  I invite you to become a follower of this blog - and to come back and visit often as I will be updating this site several times a month with info and artwork that I hope will be useful to you.

May your personal rubber band therapy work wonders for you as it has for me!  Looking forward to seeing you back here again real soon!