Monday, January 10, 2011

Have you ever...

heard the phrase "Chatty Patty"?  This has become a HUGE discussion in seminary these days as I say "it's a saying that means you talk to much" and my kids in my class say "you're saying it wrong!  It's Chatty Cathy".  Now I realize there was a talking doll that was Chatty Cathy - BUT there was also a Chatty Patty! To me the meaning is the same thing and Chatty Patty rhymes better!  So here's my plea...Help me vindicate myself to these youngsters who obviously need to be schooled! Anyone out there remember such a thing besides me?!

Oh - and what about the phrase "Melvin Milk Toast"?  I say that too - they've never heard of it and think I'm high for saying it.  Melvin Milk Toast to me is someone who is wimpy, doesn't stand up for himself. I can't believe they've NEVER heard of these phrases before! Just what are they teaching these days? LOL

Anyone else heard of these terms besides me or do I need meds?

Any other "wonderful" phrases I can fling at them to really make their heads spin? lay it on me!! : )


  1. Yep...still here, Kim. I love that my google reader tells me when you've posted as then I can check back and it helps you seem not so far away. :) My contribution to funny phrases is "just ducky". Please tell me you've heard of that one before. I actually had a gal in our ward call me up and ask me what it meant as she had heard me say it and wanted to make sure she knew how to take it. Lol. I laughed. She's from Kentucky...could that be why? Is it a west coast thing? Am I just goofy? Just just dandy!.
    And love your new cards in following post too. You are so talented!

  2. I always thought it was Chatty Cathy. But I like Chatty Patty better. And Melvin Milktoast? Haha, that's hilarious!!

  3. I have always said Chatty Patty and always hated Chatty Cathy. Melvin Milktoast is not a phrase I'm familiar with and I probably would have thought it meant someone who was dull (someone that never strays from the essentials: milk and toast), but I could see it as wimpy too.

    Debby Downer is one I've heard, along with Negative Nancy (or Negative Nelly, whichever you prefer).

    Also, Ben Dover.

    I'm hilarious.

  4. Sorry I have to agree with your kids. Chatty Cathy.

  5. LOL - we'll Chatty Cathy was a doll that "talked a lot" and Chatty Patty was in the SAME line - so it's the same thing :P

    Yes, Melvin Milk-Toast - is a wimp for sure!!

    Thank goodness for Shauna (saw her this morning for her hair appointment) - she has heard of BOTH! PLUS - these are "googleable" (if that's a word! lol)

  6. Just don't say, "Ooh! Ah! Oh! Pop'n'fresh dough!" like Dad, or they'll really think you've gone off the deep end. Actually, if you do that, you probably will have dropped off the deep end.