Thursday, April 8, 2010

A new one to me...

Okay, so maybe I've been under a rock but I'd never heard of a "grandma shower" until I was invited to one back in November for the first time! My dear friend Sue was expecting her first grand baby and a mutual friend from church (waving to Kimmie!) invited me to attend a "grandma shower" she was throwing for her. What do you give the grandma-to-be? I actually googled it when I was invited to see if this was a "real" thing - and low & behold it is! Apparently I'm the only one on the face of the planet who hadn't heard of it!

Buying a gift is always tricky, even when you know the person you are giving the gift to. If you are like me - then you probably second guess yourself, "Will they like this?" "Will they use that?" This is one of the reasons why I like to make the gifts I give. First off, it will hopefully be enjoyed because you spent the time personally to make it and most people would NEVER dream of telling you "why the heck did you give me this?" or ask you where you bought it so they can return it. Hand made gifts are not returnable! Well, I guess that's not totally true - they could actually give it back but that would truly be weird!

I did one time make brownies for a gal (not as a shower gift mind you - but just because it was her birthday and I thought it would be a fun treat to pop over to her). Well it didn't go over very well for when I took them to her house she opened the door, she smiled and then after she held the plate in her hands she gave it back to me saying "OH! NO, NO we don't eat sugar" and then closed the door! It was truly the weirdest thing I'd ever beheld! I stood there for a few moments thinking - hum...why didn't she just smile, take them and then put them in the trash after I'd left rather than telling me to my face - "OH! NO, NO blah blah blah"? WEIRDO ALERT!Anyways, MOST people would NEVER dream of doing something like that - and I'm sure most of you have never and will never experience it either, but it does make me take back the words of "handmade gifts are not returnable" because you could encounter a freak like I did who just might return or reject your gift. Shame on them and it's their loss eh?

Anyways, I opted to make an ABC book for Grandma Sue to use with her new grand baby and the many grand babies to follow. It's small enough to tuck into a bag or purse and I love all the bright colors & pictures to keep the little kiddos busy if even for a few moments. Knowing Sue, I knew she wasn't a freak who would reject my gift and even if she chose not to use it - she would never tell me that she didn't like it. I've attached the pictures of the album for you to see - it's simple to make and I googled the pictures and printed them out myself.
While I didn't shop for the gift, I did give of my time and it is a gift that came from the heart. A gift that hopefully she will find fun and that she will take advantage of those small, quiet moments when her dear grand babies will climb in her lap to sit with grandma as they sing the ABC's, point at the pictures, count numbers or name colors.
It's those tender moments in time that will be the thing that they both will treasure in the years to come a head. Congratulations Grandma Sue! Enjoy!


  1. So cute Kim...But what is she going to do when the baby wants to teeth on that book? J/K...I know she'll save it for the Toddler years and beyond (when they don't throw everything immediately into their mouths).
    Totally cool gift idea!

    PLEASE tell me the "brownie freak" story isn't about anyone I know!! Too funny & WEIRD!

  2. LOL - yikes I never thought about teething!!! My kids weren't "mouthers" (is that a word?) - so never entered my mind!
    Nope the "brownie freak" was a gal in my old ward....although she is now in our stake! lol So I won't mention names here heehee!

  3. That is the coolest book ever, Mom! I absolutely love it. Why don't I have one of these? Maybe I would be better in school if you had made me one. Geez. HAHA! Just kidding.
    I hope Grandma Sue loved it! :)

  4. Great job on the ABC book. Love the bright colors.

  5. The book turned out darling! And I must have been hiding under the rock with you, because I had never heard of Grandma showers, either! It was lots of fun, though!

  6. Thanks Sheila! I'm not always a fan of bright primary colors but for little ones it's a must!

    Thanks Nikki! Glad to know I'm not the only one who had never heard of a grandma shower! lol

  7. NOW I know my ABCs - thanks, Kim, and I know it cutely, too, and that gives me extra points!

    you are a doll, miss you.


  8. Super cute. Well done! And... right there with ya, never heard of a grandma shower.

  9. LOL Kim...If I ever get a chance to "work" with the "no sugar gal"...You'll have to warn me. Seriously! You know how I am about making and sharing sugary treats!!

    By the way- I'd never heard of a grandma shower either...