Thursday, April 22, 2010

8 months

Eight months ago, Kara headed off for her first year of college at BYU. She was so young - only 17 years old and I was so worried about her. All of you mom's know exactly that type of worry. It's almost like the first day of school all over again - only their not 5 heading off to Kindergarten! It's not that you don't think they can handle themselves, for you know as a parent just how very capable your child is. It's that worry of will she get along with her roommates? Will they be nice to her? Will she be able to get up in time for classes each day? Will she be able to handle shopping for & cooking her own food, doing her own laundry, while getting her homework done etc? It's the fear of will she meet someone and get engaged? (YIKES!) Lucky for us, I had instilled in Kara a deep fear of death if she got engaged her freshman year of college! ULTIMATELY it's the worry of once she's tasted life on her own will she ever want to come home again.

Of course, the year has had it's ups and downs. She did get along with her roommates... most of the time. Her actual roommate was great, just never home. It's the fact that they have 6 girls sharing a dorm - that can get tricky even with the best of friends at times. She was able to get up and make it to class... most of the time. She ablsolutely loved her Book of Mormon professor, struggled a bit with Economics, but hey that's to be expected eh? It's a hard class! She did find a way to shop for food & cook it... most of the time, even learned a few new recipes from roommates (which I am excited for her to share with us when she gets home! YUM!). She did get most of her homework done, not all of it, but we won't go there. She DIDN'T get engaged - so YEAH she gets to live yet another year! Best of all she WANTS to come home again! Kara joined the RHA (Resident Hall Association) at the beginning of the school year. From what I understand they are over all the clubs & on campus housing groups and organize functions & service projects for students. This was a volunter thing although she did get school credit for it. But this has turned into a fabulous on campus job that she will be able to keep for the rest of the time she is attending BYU! Such a HUGE blessing, that will help pay for her schooling. She also was called to teach the gospel doctrine class at church, which I think she absolutely enjoyed doing. It gave her a stronger understanding of the Old Testament and I think she learned a lot about herself as a teacher as well.

Eight months ago I sent my little girl off to school. She was a little scared and nervous of what awaited her, and yet extremely excited at the same time. What a difference eight months can make in our lives. How thankful I am for the experiences that she has had while away at BYU for they have molded her into the woman who will shortly be returning to my home for the summer. I am so proud of her, so thankful to my Heavenly Father for sending her, for intrusting me with her care. She is my daughter, but she is also my friend whom I've missed dearly. I look forward to days filled with laughter,and nights filled with deep conversations & quiet moments.

Eight months seemed like an eternity to send her off for but truly flew bye. My worrying of what will happen while she is away of course is ended, for now I will enjoy the summer we'll have together for before I can blink an eyelid she will be off again to college. Off on a new adventure and my worrying will start all over again.

My heart is full right now as I think of the woman who will be returning home in a few short hours. I love you my dear! Welcome home!


  1. I'm so happy for you! Tell her hi for me. And congrats on surviving the 8 months. You're amazing and I love hearing how much you love your daughter.

  2. That picture brings back memories!