Monday, March 29, 2010

It's the age....

When you're a kid you get invited to birthday parties several times a year. As you get older, say marrying age you start going to bridal showers & wedding receptions - that of course NEVER ends from that time forth. From there you start going to baby showers. When you get to be my age, people stop "celebrating" birthday's with parties (unless they are "over the hill parties"), the bridal showers, wedding receptions & baby showers that you are invited to grow because you no longer are going to them for your "friends" but for your friends kids who are now going through that stage of their lives. It's a never ending thing I guess.
Recently though my dear friend, whom I could easily be her mother but we wont go there - well she had a baby. Now, I know that I could just run down to the store and buy something, and maybe there are times that the receiver is thinking "why didn't they just go down to the store and buy something?!" - but I decided to spend a little time and make her a something that hopefully she & her family would enjoy for years to come.
I took one of Close To My Hearts My Creations All-Sorts Mini Albums and with the help of Kim's husband sneaking me some photos was able to make this cute book:

Thanks Kim for letting me share your book online. Doesn't she have a cute family?! Photos are amazing! They can bring us back to that very moment in time when we captured them and they bring a well of emotions with them! Powerful isn't it? It's what we do with those photos that becomes the legacy. Leaving them on our camera, on the computer or in a shoe box is such a shame. They're your memories, your keepsakes...what have you done with yours recently?


  1. That was such a great book too. I wish I would have taken a picture of the ABC book we all made while we were there too. But your little book was PRECIOUS!

  2. That is adorable, Mom! I love it! I wish I could have watched you make it. :( I'm sure Kim absolutely loved it! :)