Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hum....what came next?

Oh yes...after dropping Kara off at the Y, Jessie and I came home and tackled the kitchen cabinets! A couple years ago we'd planned to do a remodel on the house - well long story short that fell through big time and so the kitchen has stayed its Ugly Betty self - but after visiting my dear friend Tracy in Utah and seeing her fabulous kitchen cabinets I got a wild idea to paint mine! So I did! Jessie and I headed off to Home Depot and met the paint expert "Norm" in the paint department. Norm was AMAZING in so many ways! lol He IS the paint expert but not only that, he is HILARIOUS to talk to! Let's just say that Norm has a few idiosyncrasies that make him so much fun! While I do have a picture of Norm (which Jessie sneaked on her cell phone!)- it wouldn't be nice to post it without his consent so no pictures to share of our new friend. Anyways, after looking at the 50 billion color swatches that are out there I came to French Roast and fell in love. To compliment it I found a Stone color and then a Barn Red to match and off I went with all my painting glory to tackle the kitchen.

Now if you have ever painted something in your house you know that it seems at first like it will be a cinch, but it's a lot like childbirth - you sort of forget how difficult and painful it is until you are there at that point again - why is our memory so selective? We think - "I will never forget this" and then we do! It's only when you start that next birth experience that you realize - DANG IT! I was NEVER going to do this again because it's so painful! Or in the case of painting - DANG IT! I was NEVER going to do this again because it's a pain! Even though you swear you would never do it again - you and I both know that holding that new born baby in your arms wipes away the painful memories of the birth experience and seeing the beauty of a finished project eases the pain in your shoulders ever so slightly. So even though you know it's going to be VERY painful you move forward. Now if you know me then you know that once I get my mind set on something that I have to have it done yesterday (my husband HATES this about me!). So even with the memories of past projects quickly rushing back into my mind, complete with a faint ache in my shoulders, I decided to continue on with my nightmarish task which was at hand to accomplish.

The kitchen cabinets in my house are old, and the finish has faded & peeled in spots - but the wood itself is just fine. So I started with the lower cabinets, I emptied the drawers, removed the doors, took off the hardware, and then took the doors & drawers out to the deck to start sanding. Now like I said - painting is not my favorite thing in the world these days but can I say that actually sanding is truly NOT my favorite thing in the world these days! Sanding those darn doors and the cabinets to prep them for the paint was laborious. But once you start a darn project like this you truly don't have any choice but to finish it. It took all day and my husband had a set of raised eyebrows when he came home that night for he could not see the "grand vision" that I had of what my new kitchen would look like once completed, but at the end of the day - I was excited and loving how it was beginning to take shape.

Jessie was supposed to help me complete the kitchen but with all the excitement of how cool it was turning out she was eager to start in on her own project (we'd purchased paint for her to redo her own room). So long story short - she ditched me so she could head up to her own room to get busy painting and redecorating it. Thus leaving me to my own nightmare the next day - sad day!

Of course that meant emptying the cabinets, removing the doors, and the hardware and then sanding everything down. Now on the upper cabinets since they were going to be lighter I chose to paint the brown into all the crevasses so that I could distress the cabinets after I was through painting and reveal the dark spots on all the edges. This step took a little longer to complete than I had thought but the end result was worth it!

Once all the cabinet doors were hung and hardware was back in place I pulled out my cute little Close To My Heart sanding block and went to work on all the edges - sanding and distressing yet once again, but this time with purpose. The result is a beautiful effect that makes the cabinets just pop!

Now, I know that Home Depot makes their money because they know all of us "home improvement buffs" who think we can do it ourselves will have to come back and forth to their store a billion times to get "one more thing" and so it was with this project - we'd miscalculate how many hinges we needed to replace or knobs or wow - now that the cabinets are done - we need to fix the lighting in here - the list goes on and on doesn't it? So after you've signed your life away to slavery in order to pay off your dept to Home Depot your work is complete and you can now enjoy the labors of your hands.

I love how the kitchen cabinets came out - it makes me so happy to be in my kitchen now that it's completed. Who'd have thunk that I could have painted my cabinets and actually have them turn out?


  1. Yay! I love them! Coming home during the winter break was weird because I felt like I should be having an identity crisis since I didn't recognize my own home!

  2. very cute. And thanks for taking the time to cut and color my hair smack dab in the middle of your painting project.

  3. I love these cabinets. Love them.

  4. thanks everyone! Yes, I'm very pleased with how they turned out - now to just get some new countertops to go with!