Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Service Auction goodies!

Several months ago we had a "service auction" at church. There was a list that had several "tasks" on it and if you completed X task then you got X points towards a service auction. Truly it was fun to see how many points you could accumulate during the 3 week period prior to the event. For the event you were asked to donate an item of "service" to be rendered to the winning bid (using those points that had been earned).

I had decided to donate 2 items - first was a cheesecake - something my family absolutely loves and something I feel confident in making. The second item I decided to donate was a set of 24 assorted cards. Little did I know that both of these items would be heavily bid on and fought over! It was a little embarrassing and yet very flattering at the same time I must say.

A good friend of mine won the cheesecake and while I have delivered it to her - I failed to take a picture of the beautiful "cheese pie" as my son would call it. You'll just have to take my word on the fact that it was amazing - hum...maybe I could get Deniece to give me a testimonial on it's yumminess? Nah - that would probably cause you to drool - cause um ya - it is da'bomb!

The cards were fought over - finally a gal bid every last point she had - I think they sold for like 230 points or something like that. And again - I delivered them but didn't take any pictures! LAME!

BUT - the reason that I post this now is to BRAG about what I won! I had won produce from a gal in the ward whose husband is famous for his FABULOUS garden. Truly this garden puts all other gardens to shame. The bid won me 4 weeks of produce delivery - and little did I know how amazing it would be!

Just look at all this goodness! Besides all the yummy veggies she brought she also brought me some home made onion dressing, raspberry jam, current jelly and an apple/blueberry pie! I was totally spoiled and loving every second of it. If only it could have been for another 4 more weeks!

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  1. Yum!! Of course if Carol ever auctions that again...the bidding war will be CRAZY!