Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Service Auction goodies!

Several months ago we had a "service auction" at church. There was a list that had several "tasks" on it and if you completed X task then you got X points towards a service auction. Truly it was fun to see how many points you could accumulate during the 3 week period prior to the event. For the event you were asked to donate an item of "service" to be rendered to the winning bid (using those points that had been earned).

I had decided to donate 2 items - first was a cheesecake - something my family absolutely loves and something I feel confident in making. The second item I decided to donate was a set of 24 assorted cards. Little did I know that both of these items would be heavily bid on and fought over! It was a little embarrassing and yet very flattering at the same time I must say.

A good friend of mine won the cheesecake and while I have delivered it to her - I failed to take a picture of the beautiful "cheese pie" as my son would call it. You'll just have to take my word on the fact that it was amazing - hum...maybe I could get Deniece to give me a testimonial on it's yumminess? Nah - that would probably cause you to drool - cause um ya - it is da'bomb!

The cards were fought over - finally a gal bid every last point she had - I think they sold for like 230 points or something like that. And again - I delivered them but didn't take any pictures! LAME!

BUT - the reason that I post this now is to BRAG about what I won! I had won produce from a gal in the ward whose husband is famous for his FABULOUS garden. Truly this garden puts all other gardens to shame. The bid won me 4 weeks of produce delivery - and little did I know how amazing it would be!

Just look at all this goodness! Besides all the yummy veggies she brought she also brought me some home made onion dressing, raspberry jam, current jelly and an apple/blueberry pie! I was totally spoiled and loving every second of it. If only it could have been for another 4 more weeks!'s a secret!

Or WAS a secret!

I received an interesting phone call on my business line back in July - and when I say interesting, I mean INTERESTING! It was from a gal who at first sounded like a telemarketer to me, but as she rattled off this "message" I soon had to stop her and ask "excuse me, but who are you again? and what is it that you want?". Now, as far as I could figure out by this point I really don't remember her explaining this and recently I had had several telemarketers trying to get me to do some advertising with "local" businesses - and actually these salesmen were scam artists at best. So needless to say I was a bit leery of what was on the other end of this phone call.

Now, when I said this it took the woman back a bit and she stopped her rattling and with an exasperated sound coming from the other end I finally heard this gal utter her name and with a "matter of fact" voice she stated that she was from Close To My Heart, and she'd been a consultant for blah blah blah.

Anyways, long story short - she was calling around to a few consultants to ask them if they would be willing to donate a piece of "artwork" for a charity auction to be held at our Annual Leadership Conference to be held down in Long Beach California. Her details were vague at best but I agreed and hung up the phone.

It wasn't until later that night that I starting thinking about this "assignment" and realizing that I had NO CLUE as to what she was expecting from me! Quickly as I could the next morning I located a phone number for her and called her back for some further details - thankfully she was a bit nicer that morning than she'd been the night before. With a new found "direction", if you can call it that, I set out to figure out a piece of art that I could successfully accomplish in the short period of time that I had to do it in as I was leaving for California early to visit family.
Now, I had been cleaning out Aaron's room, a daunting task I must say, we were in the process of weeding out some of his old toys that of course now as a 13 year old he didn't play with. While weeding through the mess I came upon a treasure chest that he had made at scout camp and that got me to thinking...wondering, "could I possibly recreate this using our product line? and if so - would it look as cool as I envisioned it looking?"
If you know me, then you know I'm the type of person who wants things done yesterday. I have no patience for waiting. When I come up with a task or a plan I want to do it NOW! So, off I went to see if I could recreate this "masterpiece".

I must say that it took probably a couple hours to create the main box and then once it was completed I set it aside for a few days as I thought about how to finish it off with accents & lock etc. I don't know if you would call it a "work of art" but it was successful in my book and fun to realize that I COULD indeed recreate something that I had seen out of our product line.

I'm happy to say that this little treasure chest brought in $55 for Operation Smile at the auction that was held. While it's not as much as I'd hoped for - I'm grateful for what it did bring. Some lucky child will gain a new outlook on life, they'll gain a smile.

And just as the insert in the treasure chest states..."you'll find the greatest treasure changing children's lives one smile at a time".

Monday, September 14, 2009

let's start at the very beginning...

A very good place to start...okay enough sound of music let's get bloggin'!

Ever have a dilemma that you don't know quite how to solve and all of a sudden it's like the windows of heaven open up and plop down the way for it to all work out? Well, that's how I'm going to begin my "catch-up" for the lost blogging time.

You see back in May I was thinking to myself...Self, how are you going to earn the points for the New Zealand trip you need to earn this summer when typically summer sales are never as high since most of the clubs stop running during the summer? While I was fretting over how to do this - the wind blew my way the "Deal-A-Day" celebration from Close to my Heart - it was the answer to my dilemma - the answer to my prayers! Here was a way that I could earn those extra points that I would need to earn!

Can I just tell you what a weight that took off my shoulders? I was truly loosing sleep each night trying to figure out what else I could possibly do to earn those points, and along came the deal and it was just relief.

Can I ever express how thankful I am for my dear clients who supported me during that month? And yes, while I know they took advantage of some amazing deals, it was truly their way as well of helping me achieve what I had set to achieve for myself.

Now, isn't it interesting how the Lord blesses your life when you least expect it? You can be going about your own business, striving to do what is right, and BAM! a blessing comes your way. It may not be a big thing either, in fact sometimes it might even go unnoticed until much later when you look back and see how your life has been blessed by X happening.

Well, something like that happened to me - in fact at the time I was excited about the whole Deal-A-Day and gave the "credit" to CTMH. But truly the credit should go someplace else.

Do you remember a few posts ago when I mentioned sharing something that I prize dearly with a friend of mine? It was a gift - a gift that would change her life for the better, a gift that if she would receive it, if she would let her heart open up to accept it - she would forever be changed. It was during this time that I was worrying, this time that the "Deal-A-Day" thing came about that I was actually spending several hours of every week going back and forth to my dear friends house while she took the missionary discussions. She was baptized in July, it was a sweet experience that I will not forget.

I'm here to clear the slate lest I seem ungrateful to the true giver of the gift. I can honestly say that I KNOW that this was a blessing given to me. Some of you are shaking your head - thinking Kim's a wack job - but it's true (not that I'm a wack job that is). I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. That there is no such thing as things happening by "coincidence" in life. I truly believe that we are positioned in life that we can meet up with people we were destined to meet, destined to become friends with, destined to reach out to. Have you ever found that you're life has crossed paths with someone else several times before you actually met them? I know this has happened to me on several occasions. I was meant to meet this dear friend. We were meant to have this wonderful experience together and because of this experience I know that I was directly blessed with what I was in need of during that time frame. You may see it differently but I will stand firm on the ground that it was a blessing.

Can I just say how thankful I am for a loving Heavenly Father who knows me? Who loves me? Who blesses my life with the things I am in need of. Sometimes it's a temporal blessing, sometimes it's something oh so much more valuable than something temporal. But nonetheless He blesses me. More importantly, I KNOW that He blesses you too! You may need to take a step back, and analyze your footsteps, but I'm sure if you do this that you will find His footsteps along your path much of the way.

That to me is a very good place to start...

Is she out of words or what?!

While this blog has been naggin' me to come back and type away, my life just has not cooperated much to allow me to do that. Too many things to go into with one blog entry so lucky you (or poor you depending on how you view my blogging style) - I'll have SEVERAL blog entries coming your way soon to get you all caught up! LOL

So lest you think that I'm "out of words" I thought I'd better post something quick -like right now - but if you are out there....with in the sound of my typed words...then stay tuned as I WILL be a "postin' freak" over the next few weeks as I get you all caught up "in the words of Kim".