Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If you see a happy face....

In a few days Jessie will be turning sixteen. Truly - I think I could leave it at that as you know what that means. Sixteen is the "magical" age where you are allowed to date in our house, but more importantly (I know - more important that BOYS? hard to believe eh?) is that you can get your drivers license.

Now, here in Washington State you have to take drivers education and it is NOT done through the high schools like it was when I was young. Too bad too as it is VERY costly to take this class. Last year I searched high and low for the "best priced" drivers ed program and found a place up in Smokey Point where she could take the class. Only problem was she didn't have any friends who also wanted to take the class with her - so she was on her own. Now, to a teenage this sucks, but as a parent I was thinking "WOOHOO"! Jessie is my socialite and I figured that if she had a friend in the class then she would be a "chatty Patty" and not learn a dang thing for my $300+ that I was spending on this class.

Now - why on earth we feel it is worth it to spend that amount of money on a drivers ed class only to then turn around and pay for the kids to have a license, gas for a car, and not to mention the astronomical cost of insuring a teen is something up for debate! Is it truly worth all the cost we go through to have the freedom of not having to drive your kids everywhere, and to be able to have them run quick errands for you? To me? Why yes, yes it is! I truly was elated when Kara got her license and could drive her sister to seminary. It was then that I figured out that by the time Kara went off to college that Jessie would be driving - thus no seminary runs for me again - and it was only when I started to figure out Aaron that I saw my flaw in the birth of my children. When Jessie graduates, Aaron will have 4 months where he will not be old enough to drive - meaning - I'm going to have to drive to seminary again! YIKES! What was I thinking?! I so should have timed that better!

Okay - back to my topic...

So, Jessie has completed drivers ed and went last week to take her written test for driving (which she passed - yeah Jessie!) - when we went up to the desk afterwards the lady asked "do you want to take your driving test today as well?" and I looked over at Jessie who was frozen in her tracks and scared to death nodding no as fast as her little head could nod. That day we had driven the durango which Jessie had not practiced parralel parking with or backing around a corner with - so we opted to set up an appointment to come back so she could use the "kid car" which right now is being called "Kara's car". We let her call it that but she realizes that when she goes to college the car stays - she can visit it when she comes home but it is not her car.

Every day since Jessie took that written test last week has been spent practicing the darned parrelel parking & backing around a corner. Over and over we did this until finally the day of the test came (today!). I got Jessie out of school early and we headed up for the DOL - when we got there we were early - and I thought we'd have to wait forever - but low and behold the guy came to the car 30 minutes early! I thought Jessie was going to faint but she didn't - she actually did very well! Off she went with Mr. DOL and before I knew it she was back with the blessed yellow slip in hand (that's the magical slip that says you passed) - Jessie tried to fake a sad face but she couldn't hide that smile that was beaming from her happy face.

She'd passed her test - passed it! Woohoo - what a happy moment it was. Now we wait for that final moment when she actually turns 16!


  1. okay I have to say that I thought I'd posted this LAST year when she did turn 16 and found it just today when I was working on my blog! Her birthday was last June! I'm such a freak - but had to post it anyways! lol Thanks for reading about her excitement!