Thursday, May 14, 2009

Simple Snapshots Workshop

This is my latest workshop - it's featuring our 9x9 Simple Snapshots. These are normally for making easy scrapbook pages, but I saw another consultant use them to make cards and can I "improve" upon that idea? I made a few alterations to make it work for ME and here you go - Faster, Simpler, Easier cards - cards you can make SUPER fast - which are simple but have an elegant touch to them.

I'm excited to offer this workshop, as times are tough, money is tight and so is time. These cards are so stinkin' easy to make, you'll easily be able to complete all 24 of them in less than an hour. Plus they are WAY affordable - how's $25 for 24 cards sound?With envelopes!

PLUS, I'm going to be offering a simple card organizer for just $5 more that will hold a dozen of these cute little cards - making it a perfect gift for under $18 (12 cards $12.50 + $5 for the holder) who can beat that?!

I'm offering it in Silhouette (shown above and next to me here), Let's Get Together (also shown above), Free Spirit, Moon Doggie, Sweet Pea, Rough N Tumble, Perfect Day & That's Amore.

This workshop will run May 30th from 9am - noon and then again that evening from 7pm - 10pm and then again on June 2nd 9am -noon and 7pm - 10pm.

Come join the fun...make a few cards for someone you'd like to celebrate life's moments with, because we all have "moments 2 celebrate"!

Look for details on my website - hurry to sign up as space is limited!


  1. OK, I would love to do this! I'll get back to you soon! You are so creative (and such a great sales woman). I love it!

  2. LOL - awh shucks girlfriend! LOL - these cards though are VERY simple to make and affordable as well! woohoo! Just keep me posted my friend - I'd love to have you come!