Saturday, May 23, 2009

Easy Road or Right Road?

You know, almost everyday we are given the opportunity to make a choice, sometimes it's multiple times in one day but nonetheless we most often get the chance to make a choice at least once a day. The choices I'm speaking of are the choice to take the "easy" road or the "right" road - which in some cases is the harder road to go.

Now, this might hit a sore spot with some as it touches us deep with in as to what our foundation truly is - are we the sort who "glide" through life - taking the "easy" road, the one that takes the least effort, rarely cause us embarrassment, or allows us to blend into the crowd as much as possible? Or do we take the "right" road, which may make us seem different, may cause some embarrassment at times as we make that step out of our comfort zone and which almost ALWAYS takes more effort?

Our choice we make could be minor, such as whether to sit at the computer all day or whether to do our exercises or get the laundry done. While yes, there are consequences for not getting the laundry done or for sitting on the computer all day - they aren't HUGE in life,unless you do this everyday - then at some point you WILL become a Jello-Head and WILL start to stink and NOT FIT any of your clothes because you've not done the wash and haven't taken care of working off those darn peanut M&M's you seem to love. (-;

Other choices carry a little more weight, still not earth shattering but nonetheless tell us the kind of person that we are.

Recently my sister and I went to lunch at a relatively new place here in Marysville. She had visited there previously and raved about it's yumminess, so of course I wanted to go too! While there had been other patrons there when we first arrived - soon we found ourselves all alone. Now, whether this means anything or not we will see - but I want to set the tone for the moment. Anyways, as we were sitting there finishing up our lunch, an "older" woman came in - now I say older but truly she was probably 10 years older than me - maybe - or maybe she'd just had a harder life who knows - but anyways, she was wearing one of those rather short sundresses - you know the ones; the ones that have the slip under them and then an organza type pattern piece that flows over them? Now, she was not should I say this kindly? She was not a small woman, but not a large woman either, but truly the dress wasn't probably the best choice for her that day. As she entered she walked up to place her order and out of the corner of my eye I noticed something that made me gasp. Her "slip" that was to cover her (backside and all) was stuck up in the back - well you can guess by what. To be honest it did make me gasp and I mentioned it to my sister. We both sat there for a moment and giggled, thinking "glad that's not me" - but then it hit me, if it were me, I hope someone would tell me, yes, I would be embarrassed for a moment but I would be so grateful to that person for telling me. I pondered that, struggled with that for what seemed like forever but truly was only a few moments - how would this woman receive me - would she be embarrassed that I'd said something to her? It would require me to definitely step out of my comfort zone to get up from my lunch and go over to her and say something. As she moved along the isle telling the servers behind the counter what she wanted I kept thinking - "if it were me...." - finally I could take it no longer, what if someone else walked in and saw, what if she was going out to meet up with friends or was headed back to work (which I don't know who wears a sundress like that to work but who knows - what if?) anyways, I mustered up the courage, and up I went to tell her - instantly she turned around so her back side was to the counter and with much chagrin she thanked me for telling her, made the necessary adjustments to said slip, and back I went to my seat. I was glad that I'd finally gotten up the courage to tell her, she finished her order and on the way out thanked me again, but as I sat there and as I've pondered that moment since, I can't help but be bothered by the fact that it took me a little bit to get up and go over and say something. Why didn't I jump up at the first notice? Would I have done anything differently if there HAD been other people still in that restaurant and we hadn't been alone when she entered. Would I have even noticed? While it was the "right" road to take - it would have been the better road if I had gone up a little faster to tell her rather than talk myself into it. I thought at the time it was hard - but truly it wasn't that hard. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable but truly when you think of it - isn't that when we truly grow in life? When things get a little uncomfortable we have to stretch and we grow right?

Life is a test. Are we cheating and taking the "easy" road or are we truly being tested by taking the "right" road, the harder road at times. While some say life is to be endured, truly I feel life is to be enjoyed. We can do that more fully when we take the "right" road, as it is then and only then that we can hold our heads high knowing we've passed the test without cheating. There will be choices we will be faced with at times in our lives that will be "earth shattering", they WILL point our lives in one direction or in another. I think our little daily choices help us to stay on the straight and narrow path which of course will bring us the most happiness in life. By making the "right" choice in the little choices we make, we will find it easier to make the "right" choice in those that are harder, life changing choices that will come our way.

What kind of a person are you? Do you glide through life taking the "easy" road or do you take the "right" road, the road that makes you stretch? How are you teaching your kids to seek that "right" road? Tell me about it - maybe together we can all grow from this.


  1. Although painful...I often need those moments of course-correction. I love how simple things can often trigger changing my behavior.
    Recently, I drove past a church's message board that said, "Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?" It made me realize that too often its my spare tire, when it should ALWAYS be my steering wheel in life.
    Thanks for the great post and reminder, Kim!

  2. I'm still proud of you for telling that woman her butt was showing. You are an admirable woman. And a lot braver than I.