Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finding the PERFECT dress...

There are a few times in your life where finding that perfect dress means everything. As a baby, our mothers search for the "perfect dress" for us to be blessed in. I remember making a blessing gown for Kara when she was a baby out of material from my wedding gown.

When you're 8, sometimes you search for the "perfect dress" to be baptized in (of course my girls never had that option as our stakes always had jumpers they wore but nonetheless this is about dresses - and that is a time you find the perfect dress as well).

When your Kara's age, your "perfect dress" is for prom and that is the "perfect dress" I want to talk about today.

I never went to prom when I was Kara's age, my sisters ALL went to proms - in fact, some went to SEVERAL proms, I believe it was my sister Laurzia who went to 3 proms in 3 weeks! But alas, no prom for scary old me, so I never did the prom dress shopping as a youth. Needless to say I was a little excited to take Kara out to find the perfect dress.

We figured out that Monday would work for both of our schedules and so after doing a little internet shopping & investigation of local shops, I found a few places within 25 miles that we could visit.

Kara came home from school, grabbed a snack and off we went. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining (which for Washington is amazing) and it was just the kind of day that makes you want to rejoice in nature - live outdoors, hit the beach, take a long drive - anything that would allow you to soak in the warmth and beauty that surrounded you. Of course, we were dress shopping and that's unfortunately an "indoor" activity, but as we drove in the car that afternoon I was in heaven at the fact that I needed sunglasses.

Anyways, we first went to a little shop in Snohomish and spent what seemed like hours trying on dresses, it was actually only a little over an hour but hey when you're locked in a little space with a sea of poofy dresses it can seem like an eternity. One major problem when shopping for the "perfect dress" is that there are NOT very many dresses that are modest, in fact almost ALL the dresses we saw were extremely immodest, and we all know that "modest is the hottest," so we knew that we were probably going to have to find something and then alter it in some way to make it work. Well we found a dress, and while it was pretty - and it looked nice on Kara - you could tell that it just wasn't THE dress. We did however put it on hold and thought we would try another place just to see, and then if we couldn't find anything at least we had it to go back to. So, on went the sunglasses (OH YA BABY!) - and into the sunshine we went again in search of the "perfect dress."

Our little adventure took us next to Lynnwood to David's Bridal. Instantly we spotted this quirky dress in the window as we approached the store and Kara sort of lit up, I on the other hand was a little surprised that she like it. We went inside and started to pull dresses, one by one off the rack and had them placed in a fitting room for her to try on. Just for fun Kara thought she would try on the quirky dress we had seen in the window, we found out that there were only 3 of those dresses in the whole store, the one on the mannequin, and two on the rack, one a size 2 and one just Kara's size, so we pulled it off the rack and off to the fitting room we went.

Now anyone who's been shopping for a wedding dress knows how you just feel like a princess when you are trying on those beautiful gowns - and they place you on a pedestal with mirrors all around, and when you have a dress that isn't right - the mirrors are BRUTALLY honest, but when you've found just the "perfect dress" it is a thing of beauty to behold, am I right?

Dress after dress she tried on, until finally she put on that quirky dress we'd seen in the window. Her face just lit up and we knew that she'd found the "perfect dress" - a dress made just for her. She just glowed in it and truly it is an amazing dress. Unlike any dress I've ever seen, to be honest. Here's a little peek at the fabric:

Of course it needs a little doctoring to make it modest enough - so off to the mall we went in search of the perfect shrug, lol, we walked through the mall, searched through a few stores and found a shrug we thought was a color that would match, so we bought it and headed back to David's Bridal to see the two together.

Kara tried the dress on again and put on the shrug - it was just PERFECT. The whole package was vavavoom fabulous I must say. She looked absolutely beautiful and radiant.

So, 5 hours of shopping on a sunny day, a few hundred dollars, but a priceless moment between a mother and daughter that won't be forgotten, it will be treasured in my heart for years to come.

What happened to my little girl? She's grown up in the blink of an eye, and has become a beautiful woman. Someday, in the not too distant future, we will head out yet again in search of the "perfect dress," and it won't be for a prom, it will be the dress she will wear on her wedding day. Time, it just goes too fast.


  1. Seriously, our life is a bunch of events surrounding the perfect dress! When you were talking about trying on the wedding dress, on the pedestal- memories came flooding back! I bought the very first wedding dress I ever tried on. I tried on others after that initial one, but kept going back. I'm glad you found a dress that Kara felt beautiful in. I can't wait to see it.

  2. Having girls is just the best thing ever! Finding those perfect dresses are the times that stick with you the most. Even though it is just a bunch of fabric the memories that go with it are priceless. I can't wait to see pics.

  3. Ok, I just saw your blog on Jenny's blog and so went to peek...hope that's ok. I just have to say, it made me cry which isn't hard to do these days, darn hormones. I loved it and gosh, it made me excited for that day with Em. Although, I'll enjoy her being 8 for as long as I can. Miss you, girly!

  4. Woohoo - nice to see you Jaci - of course - come visit often my friend! miss you girl!

  5. I must see pictures! And congratulations (to both of you)--it is no small task to find the perfect dress!

  6. Very well written, Kim! Hurray for the perfect dress!

  7. So glad she found just the right thing. I've got to see this dress!

  8. such a beautiful blog and awesome memory that you have forever-the dress looks amazing sure to be none like it!!!! cant wait to see the pictures and how fun for you to scrap them