Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm not famous, I'm a freak...

Okay, so many of you know that I absolutely adore Stacy Julian. Well, I saw her on my "friend finder" for facebook. Apparently we have friends in common. Of course without hesitating I clicked to add her as a friend only to think after the fact - wow - she doesn't even know who I am - she's going to be thinking...stalker freak! LOL

My good friend Jen & I often chat in scenario style, you know when you start talking and then you embellish it a little and make it into something that is NEVER going to happen? Well, we are the queen's of doing that - it's actually quite fun and something I might even dare to call a talent. My kids are pretty good at it as well...don't know where they learned to do that?!

Anyways, Jen & I have often had this discussion how we are Stacy Julian's BFF's and how we should show up to her place to scrapbook. Of course we would never do that because first of all - she lives in Spokane, and secondly she doesn't even really know either of us. (notice how that is second on my list?heehee) - anyways, Jen does have a slight connection through her sister Tracy who did a piece of artwork for Stacy when she came as our keynote speaker to convention, but that was years ago.

So - tonight when I told Jen that she'd never guess who I was now "friends" with on facebook, she started rattling off names of Close To My Heart corporate people. As she did this I was all...oh, ya I'm friends with them already, I'm friends with her too, ya her too. Jen went through a list - finally after a few hints she came up with Stacy and then gasped. Of course I had to tell her about how I added her and then how I had felt weird after the fact for doing so, and of course we giggled as we do in our devious way thinking we are naughty and cleaver at the same time.

At the end of our conversation I said to Jen - "Ya, I'm friends with all these corporate gals & Stacy but they don't even know who I am" and Jen said, "No, your famous! They know who you are" to which I quickly replied "No, I'm not famous, I'm a freak! Both start with "F" but there is a BIG difference!" So - there you have it - I'm not famous, I'm a freak - both do start with F - but just thought I'd better clarify that just in case there was any confusion on the matter.

Oh and if you ever read this Stacy - sorry for being a stalker -but hey your my BFF right?


  1. Oh, you crack me up.It's okay though cuz my dad claims he's gonna have Barack Obama as a follower of his blog, so I guess we all have our freakishness.

  2. Famous, freak - tomayto, tomahto.