Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday from a slacker...

I have been reminding myself for over a week to send off a few birthday cards, but did I get it done? NOPE!
I've been working on a birthday card workshop that will be held at my house next week, so there has been a constant reminder of "birthdays" here - but did that help me? NOPE!
Last week my sister Jennifer celebrated her birthday (happy belated birthday Jen - wave wave) - her card is sitting here along with a gift that needs to be run to the post office. My brother-in-law Nate's birthday was last week as well - he too has his card & gift sitting here and the sad thing is I don't even have to mail it to him, cause he lives down the street. Today is my dad's birthday - and go figure - his card is sitting right here - not in the mail but on my counter!
Typical for me I tell you....funny thing is (or not so funny thing as the case may be if I owe you a card) I have NO excuse for not getting it off to him or to any of them for that matter, so they can have their birthday recognized on time. I don't have to shop for cards - I make cards - and I always have a stack of cards on hand! That's how it is when you are a card maker, you always have cards on hand - trouble comes in remembering to mail them off!
So here I am confessing that yes, I'm a horrible sister, sister-in-law, daughter, wife, mother, friend. Face it - I'm a slacker. I am owning up to it - in fact I own the term "slacker" at least when it comes to sending out birthday cards.
So, please keep in mind when it comes to your birthday that you are in my thoughts, truly you are, and most likely you will have a card sitting here, on my counter waiting for you for whenever we meet again or whenever I finally realize that "hey - I never mailed that out". From your slacker _________(fill in the blank - see above) - Happy Birthday!

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