Saturday, March 7, 2009

Error on the page....

Holy Cow - those are the most frustrating words to see when you are eagerly working on submitting an application for something, while worried that you will be "late" doing it!

Today at 8am (MST) was the designated application time for housing at BYU - so dutifully we arose at 6:45 our time (PST) so we could be online at 7am (which of course is 8am MST). That in and of itself was a feat since it's Saturday morning and hey, we like to sleep in if possible.

The anxiety was killing us as we were striving to get Kara into her chosen housing dorm,once we logged in we saw we were 553 out of 553 in line to submit at that early hour. Within seconds the page refreshed and our number went down into the 400's out of 600+ then it refreshed again and the first number continued to go down as the last number began to jump into the 1000's. At 7:05 (remember that is 8:05 for them) we were number 37 out of 3652 - and we were extremely excited to be such a low number when so many were now online striving for the very same thing we were striving for. We knew that in just seconds that we would soon be able to submit the much anticipated application, and we saw the seconds ticking away 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...and we waited, waited, waited, only to have those cheers turn into tears within seconds, as the link went to take us to the application page we got an "error on the page" code - nervous that we had lost our "spot" online we clicked refresh (which is what the page instructed us to do) of course we just got that error on the page code again. We hit the back button - got our "number in line" page - waited for the page to refresh and back we were to the error code page yet again. This continued for 15 minutes - poor Kara was so upset - heck, I was getting upset - but I kept my cool - no bad words were said, not even my stand by of "oh cuss word". I just kept at it - clicking the back button, the refresh button, whatever I could do to get it to work. I even uttered a prayer that it would go through.

Finally, success was ours - we had made it to the survey page so I screamed for Kara - she came running and filled out the page(our time stamp was 8:20 and some seconds - so not first in line s we had lost those 15 minutes with errors, but hopefully early enough to get a spot in her desired dorm). She filled out the survey and hit continue button only to get yet another "error on the page" code. This continued again for another 15 minutes , Kara got so frustrated, she muttered "this is stupid!" and gave up and went back to bed. I was a little ticked off as this was HER application not mine, but she did work last night and has been up early every day for seminary and has to work again in a few hours, so being the "good" mom that I am - I kept at it. I filled out that darned survey a bunch of times as it kept putting me back on that page - I tried calling the housing office, but got the stupid busy signal. It was just about 8 when I finally got through to their office on the phone, I'm sure the poor guy on the other end had had his fair share of calls this morning. Anyways, he told me that we were good to go - we had our date & time stamp and that we were relatively early on the list so we could come back later in the day to complete the papers when the servers were not as busy.

WOOOHOOO!!! We'd made it - well, sort of - at least I didn't have to stay online, hitting that darned refresh button, back button & fill out that "cuss word" survey yet one more time - we had our time & date stamp and that was all that mattered, well that and the fact that I stayed relatively calm, cool and collected - that in and of itself was a small miracle. In the words of Miss Brooks (a whole other story) "Thank you Jesus!"


  1. Those things are a nightmare. Congratulations on staying calm, though. I'm pretty sure I would have at least said, "Oh cuss word."

  2. HEEHEE - yes, I KNOW! I was truly proud of myself for keeping it together.

  3. Wow what a morning! Congratulations! When will you know if you got the dorm you wanted?