Friday, February 27, 2009

Wanted: swift kick in the butt

I'm a pretty black and white kinda gal - I like a real straight forward approach to things in life. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve - which some might say is a flaw, others though find it you will always know where you stand with me ;-). If I'm happy - you know it. If I'm upset you know that too. What I find interesting is seeing how people react to this. They either a) try to ignore whatever the emotion is or b) they try to "console" you (like if you're sad or something) or c) they give you a swift kick in the butt (which for me is a motivator). Recently I've seen all three of these options in my life.

Seven years ago I became a consultant for Close To My Heart which has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. I signed up to get a discount on scrapbooking & crafting supplies that I wanted but couldn't afford to buy, but didn't realize just how much I would truly enjoy being a consultant and how much it would bless my life. Not only do I get my much loved scrapbooking supplies at a discount but I've also had the opportunity to meet many new friends through parties & monthly stamping clubs that I've taught. I have also been blessed to earn 2 incentive trips with my company, a trip to Alaska that Jeff & I were able to take 2 years ago and then this past fall we went to the Mediterranean with our family - truly amazing trips that we've been able to experience because of Close To My Heart & the amazing group of clients I have! I'm currently working on the next incentive trip - a trip to New Zealand which would be my husbands trip of a life time. It's been a long hard haul as the economy is so sluggish right now. I'm "on track" to earn this trip but I've got a long, steep road a head of me before it becomes a reality.

Some of my friends know that I'm working on this trip, they know it's been hard because of the economy, but choose to not to bring it up because they either don't know what to say or they are afraid I will hit them up to host a party! Some of my friends try to "console" me - they try to ease my pain by telling me "It's okay, you'll earn the next one", while this could be true, it doesn't help me with the "failure feeling" I'm having right now. Then I have a FEW friends who choose option C and they give me a swift kick in the butt and tell me to get to work.

Can I just say THANK YOU to them?! I truly need a swift kick in the butt sometimes to get to work.

My family has a "motto". I say that cautiously as it probably wouldn't be something every family would call a motto - but we call it that. It's "Suck it up we've all got problems". Sounds harsh I'm sure to some - but it works for us. We've all got problems, things we are or need to work on. We can either mope around or we can get over it and fix it. Option C - the swift kick in the butt is just like "suck it up we've all got problems" get over it and get to work! So there it is - my swift kick has been administered, and while I might be a little sore from it, it will serve as a reminder of what I need to do - I need to suck it up and get to work!

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  1. Kim, I know what you're feeling. I'm an Avon rep, and have been feeling down because I haven't working hard enough (like I know that I should). I think I just need a swift kick in the pants.
    I wish Avon would have incentives like Close to My Heart does. Maybe that would motivate me to work a little harder. If you want, I can host a party for you. I don't know what it entails, but I'm sure it'll be fun :)