Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Service Auction goodies!

Several months ago we had a "service auction" at church. There was a list that had several "tasks" on it and if you completed X task then you got X points towards a service auction. Truly it was fun to see how many points you could accumulate during the 3 week period prior to the event. For the event you were asked to donate an item of "service" to be rendered to the winning bid (using those points that had been earned).

I had decided to donate 2 items - first was a cheesecake - something my family absolutely loves and something I feel confident in making. The second item I decided to donate was a set of 24 assorted cards. Little did I know that both of these items would be heavily bid on and fought over! It was a little embarrassing and yet very flattering at the same time I must say.

A good friend of mine won the cheesecake and while I have delivered it to her - I failed to take a picture of the beautiful "cheese pie" as my son would call it. You'll just have to take my word on the fact that it was amazing - hum...maybe I could get Deniece to give me a testimonial on it's yumminess? Nah - that would probably cause you to drool - cause um ya - it is da'bomb!

The cards were fought over - finally a gal bid every last point she had - I think they sold for like 230 points or something like that. And again - I delivered them but didn't take any pictures! LAME!

BUT - the reason that I post this now is to BRAG about what I won! I had won produce from a gal in the ward whose husband is famous for his FABULOUS garden. Truly this garden puts all other gardens to shame. The bid won me 4 weeks of produce delivery - and little did I know how amazing it would be!

Just look at all this goodness! Besides all the yummy veggies she brought she also brought me some home made onion dressing, raspberry jam, current jelly and an apple/blueberry pie! I was totally spoiled and loving every second of it. If only it could have been for another 4 more weeks!'s a secret!

Or WAS a secret!

I received an interesting phone call on my business line back in July - and when I say interesting, I mean INTERESTING! It was from a gal who at first sounded like a telemarketer to me, but as she rattled off this "message" I soon had to stop her and ask "excuse me, but who are you again? and what is it that you want?". Now, as far as I could figure out by this point I really don't remember her explaining this and recently I had had several telemarketers trying to get me to do some advertising with "local" businesses - and actually these salesmen were scam artists at best. So needless to say I was a bit leery of what was on the other end of this phone call.

Now, when I said this it took the woman back a bit and she stopped her rattling and with an exasperated sound coming from the other end I finally heard this gal utter her name and with a "matter of fact" voice she stated that she was from Close To My Heart, and she'd been a consultant for blah blah blah.

Anyways, long story short - she was calling around to a few consultants to ask them if they would be willing to donate a piece of "artwork" for a charity auction to be held at our Annual Leadership Conference to be held down in Long Beach California. Her details were vague at best but I agreed and hung up the phone.

It wasn't until later that night that I starting thinking about this "assignment" and realizing that I had NO CLUE as to what she was expecting from me! Quickly as I could the next morning I located a phone number for her and called her back for some further details - thankfully she was a bit nicer that morning than she'd been the night before. With a new found "direction", if you can call it that, I set out to figure out a piece of art that I could successfully accomplish in the short period of time that I had to do it in as I was leaving for California early to visit family.
Now, I had been cleaning out Aaron's room, a daunting task I must say, we were in the process of weeding out some of his old toys that of course now as a 13 year old he didn't play with. While weeding through the mess I came upon a treasure chest that he had made at scout camp and that got me to thinking...wondering, "could I possibly recreate this using our product line? and if so - would it look as cool as I envisioned it looking?"
If you know me, then you know I'm the type of person who wants things done yesterday. I have no patience for waiting. When I come up with a task or a plan I want to do it NOW! So, off I went to see if I could recreate this "masterpiece".

I must say that it took probably a couple hours to create the main box and then once it was completed I set it aside for a few days as I thought about how to finish it off with accents & lock etc. I don't know if you would call it a "work of art" but it was successful in my book and fun to realize that I COULD indeed recreate something that I had seen out of our product line.

I'm happy to say that this little treasure chest brought in $55 for Operation Smile at the auction that was held. While it's not as much as I'd hoped for - I'm grateful for what it did bring. Some lucky child will gain a new outlook on life, they'll gain a smile.

And just as the insert in the treasure chest states..."you'll find the greatest treasure changing children's lives one smile at a time".

Monday, September 14, 2009

let's start at the very beginning...

A very good place to start...okay enough sound of music let's get bloggin'!

Ever have a dilemma that you don't know quite how to solve and all of a sudden it's like the windows of heaven open up and plop down the way for it to all work out? Well, that's how I'm going to begin my "catch-up" for the lost blogging time.

You see back in May I was thinking to myself...Self, how are you going to earn the points for the New Zealand trip you need to earn this summer when typically summer sales are never as high since most of the clubs stop running during the summer? While I was fretting over how to do this - the wind blew my way the "Deal-A-Day" celebration from Close to my Heart - it was the answer to my dilemma - the answer to my prayers! Here was a way that I could earn those extra points that I would need to earn!

Can I just tell you what a weight that took off my shoulders? I was truly loosing sleep each night trying to figure out what else I could possibly do to earn those points, and along came the deal and it was just relief.

Can I ever express how thankful I am for my dear clients who supported me during that month? And yes, while I know they took advantage of some amazing deals, it was truly their way as well of helping me achieve what I had set to achieve for myself.

Now, isn't it interesting how the Lord blesses your life when you least expect it? You can be going about your own business, striving to do what is right, and BAM! a blessing comes your way. It may not be a big thing either, in fact sometimes it might even go unnoticed until much later when you look back and see how your life has been blessed by X happening.

Well, something like that happened to me - in fact at the time I was excited about the whole Deal-A-Day and gave the "credit" to CTMH. But truly the credit should go someplace else.

Do you remember a few posts ago when I mentioned sharing something that I prize dearly with a friend of mine? It was a gift - a gift that would change her life for the better, a gift that if she would receive it, if she would let her heart open up to accept it - she would forever be changed. It was during this time that I was worrying, this time that the "Deal-A-Day" thing came about that I was actually spending several hours of every week going back and forth to my dear friends house while she took the missionary discussions. She was baptized in July, it was a sweet experience that I will not forget.

I'm here to clear the slate lest I seem ungrateful to the true giver of the gift. I can honestly say that I KNOW that this was a blessing given to me. Some of you are shaking your head - thinking Kim's a wack job - but it's true (not that I'm a wack job that is). I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. That there is no such thing as things happening by "coincidence" in life. I truly believe that we are positioned in life that we can meet up with people we were destined to meet, destined to become friends with, destined to reach out to. Have you ever found that you're life has crossed paths with someone else several times before you actually met them? I know this has happened to me on several occasions. I was meant to meet this dear friend. We were meant to have this wonderful experience together and because of this experience I know that I was directly blessed with what I was in need of during that time frame. You may see it differently but I will stand firm on the ground that it was a blessing.

Can I just say how thankful I am for a loving Heavenly Father who knows me? Who loves me? Who blesses my life with the things I am in need of. Sometimes it's a temporal blessing, sometimes it's something oh so much more valuable than something temporal. But nonetheless He blesses me. More importantly, I KNOW that He blesses you too! You may need to take a step back, and analyze your footsteps, but I'm sure if you do this that you will find His footsteps along your path much of the way.

That to me is a very good place to start...

Is she out of words or what?!

While this blog has been naggin' me to come back and type away, my life just has not cooperated much to allow me to do that. Too many things to go into with one blog entry so lucky you (or poor you depending on how you view my blogging style) - I'll have SEVERAL blog entries coming your way soon to get you all caught up! LOL

So lest you think that I'm "out of words" I thought I'd better post something quick -like right now - but if you are out there....with in the sound of my typed words...then stay tuned as I WILL be a "postin' freak" over the next few weeks as I get you all caught up "in the words of Kim".

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And the WINNERS are.....

During this past month of the Close To My Heart Deal-a-Day there have been some AMAZING deals to be had, but the fun doesn't end until the drawing is promised I held a drawing for $25 in CTMH products. Now at the beginning I had planned to draw for one person to receive this fun bonus but there has been such a HUGE response to this amazing special that I've decided to draw FIVE names out instead of just one! As a reminder to have your name entered all you needed to do was place an order for Deal-a-Day on my website this month. For each order placed on my website for Deal-a-Day your name was entered. So if you placed several orders this month then your name went in each time. Below is a list of the winners for my of them will actually win $50 in product! If you see your name below - email me your wish list of products - up to $25 worth - if you go over you can pay the difference no problem.


Laurie Jorgensen
Dana Nyman
Deniece Gates
Melissa Shea

Thank you to each and every one of you who ordered on my website this month - I hope you enjoy the "deals" you all received this month.

Want more? Leave a note here, join as a follower & I'll email you a special coupon sheet with deals exclusively for July!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm full of it...

We have a day once a year that we've set aside to give "thanks", but do we really have to wait until that time of year to recognize all the wonderful blessings we have in our lives? My soul is bursting with gratitude this morning and I hope you will indulge me as I share just a few of the things that I am so thankful for with you, and if you have things that you are thankful for maybe your heart will begin to burst too!

Strong Faith... I absolutely know that it is the foundation of who I am and it gives me the legs to walk through this life of trials and yet stand strong through it all. I absolutely love the saying "enjoy to the end" and I truly believe that by living gospel principles we are able to do just that. It brings everything into focus and gives direction to our lives. For this I am thankful. What a blessing it is to know WHO I am, WHERE I came from, and WHERE I am going. What the PURPOSE of life is and how to find true HAPPINESS. Why wouldn't one want to know these things? AND more importantly, when you KNOW them, why wouldn't you want to share it?

Family...need I say more? Our families buoy us through the storm and make life worth living. How truly thankful I am for my family. What a wonderful blessing my husband and children are to me. Loving someone changes your life. Life no longer is about you - it's about them. I don't know what I did to deserve them, I am truly honored to have them in my life.

Friends....I can't leave out my friends. These dear people who stand beside me and hold my hand through life. Who love me in spite of me. Who add the hot fudge and roasted almonds to my pistachio flavor which I exhibit. What would my life be like without them in it? Truly empty! Thank you my friends. Thank you for loving me, for laughing with me, and for giving me a shoulder to cry on when I need it.

Sharing is another thing I am thankful for...have you ever had something that has meant so much to you and you just want to share it with everyone so that others can have what you have? Some will nod their heads in a yes and others may feel more greedy and want to keep their "prize" to themselves. BUT truly, when you share something that you love with another, magic happens. It's that gift that warms your heart as you bring joy into the life of someone else. I've had this type of opportunity recently, I've had the opportunity to share something very dear to my heart with a wonderful friend. Sharing this has brought me great joy! Knowing that if she accepts this gift it will change her life FOREVER is something that cannot be expressed in words alone.

Close To My Heart...Who would have thunk it? Who would have guessed that it would have brought me so many great blessings? I joined CTMH just to get a discount and NEVER imagined that it would bring into my life so much much more. Being a consultant has obviously had it's monetary rewards for my family, including the wonderful trips we've been able to attend. But it's so much more than that. It has brought many wonderful people into my life, people who have become dear friends. We have shared many precious moments together as we've discussed their families, their hopes & dreams and sometimes their beliefs. Close To My Heart is a "feel good" business and it's a family that is warm and welcoming. May sound funny to some of you, but until you have experienced it you will never know. It truly is more than just stamps!

My list could go on and on...and I hope yours does too. Yes, I realize it's not Thanksgiving today, yet my heart is full of it today, full of gratitude that is, is yours?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time heals all wounds...

It's hard to believe that is true...but it is. Time heals all wounds. At the point of hurt though it seems like nothing will ever be the same again.

Today my daughters heart is heavy, as time goes on she will mend, but for now she hurts. Breaking up with your boyfriend is never easy to do, but it was the right thing to do and it was time.

Now, I need to say here that her boyfriend is a great guy. There truly wasn't anything "wrong" with him, and so to some this may seem crazy to do, but for Kara it was the right time to do it. Both of them knew going into this relationship that this time would come, but that doesn't make it any easier. Nonetheless, he is a great young man and while his heart is also sad at this time, he too will heal with time and he will one day realize that this was a good thing. Let me explain a bit more...

You see he is going to be leaving soon to serve a full time mission for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will need to focus all of his thoughts towards those with whom he will be called to serve. There will be no room for girlfriends in his thoughts. That's just the way it should be too. He will leave a boy but will return a man. As he serves others & his Heavenly Father he will truly find out who he is and what he is made of. It will be the hardest thing he will have to do and yet the best thing he will ever do all at the same time.

Plus, Kara will be leaving for school soon, and she too needs to be focused on school but more importantly right now for her - she needs to have the freedom to date if the opprotunity arrises. Two years is a long time to wait for someone, especially as young as they are. Lots of things can happen in two years. That said, I am in NO HURRY to marry off my daughter, so I truly hope she is still single in two years and enjoying college.

While it's hard for this to end it was the right thing and at the right time. These past few months they've become the best of friends. They've shared many good times, laughed and cried together. They've shared their thoughts and dreams of life and have known what it's like to love and be loved. They will both heal and while it doesn't feel like it now, it WILL be okay when all is said and done. Who knows what life will bring their way only time will tell.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If you see a happy face....

In a few days Jessie will be turning sixteen. Truly - I think I could leave it at that as you know what that means. Sixteen is the "magical" age where you are allowed to date in our house, but more importantly (I know - more important that BOYS? hard to believe eh?) is that you can get your drivers license.

Now, here in Washington State you have to take drivers education and it is NOT done through the high schools like it was when I was young. Too bad too as it is VERY costly to take this class. Last year I searched high and low for the "best priced" drivers ed program and found a place up in Smokey Point where she could take the class. Only problem was she didn't have any friends who also wanted to take the class with her - so she was on her own. Now, to a teenage this sucks, but as a parent I was thinking "WOOHOO"! Jessie is my socialite and I figured that if she had a friend in the class then she would be a "chatty Patty" and not learn a dang thing for my $300+ that I was spending on this class.

Now - why on earth we feel it is worth it to spend that amount of money on a drivers ed class only to then turn around and pay for the kids to have a license, gas for a car, and not to mention the astronomical cost of insuring a teen is something up for debate! Is it truly worth all the cost we go through to have the freedom of not having to drive your kids everywhere, and to be able to have them run quick errands for you? To me? Why yes, yes it is! I truly was elated when Kara got her license and could drive her sister to seminary. It was then that I figured out that by the time Kara went off to college that Jessie would be driving - thus no seminary runs for me again - and it was only when I started to figure out Aaron that I saw my flaw in the birth of my children. When Jessie graduates, Aaron will have 4 months where he will not be old enough to drive - meaning - I'm going to have to drive to seminary again! YIKES! What was I thinking?! I so should have timed that better!

Okay - back to my topic...

So, Jessie has completed drivers ed and went last week to take her written test for driving (which she passed - yeah Jessie!) - when we went up to the desk afterwards the lady asked "do you want to take your driving test today as well?" and I looked over at Jessie who was frozen in her tracks and scared to death nodding no as fast as her little head could nod. That day we had driven the durango which Jessie had not practiced parralel parking with or backing around a corner with - so we opted to set up an appointment to come back so she could use the "kid car" which right now is being called "Kara's car". We let her call it that but she realizes that when she goes to college the car stays - she can visit it when she comes home but it is not her car.

Every day since Jessie took that written test last week has been spent practicing the darned parrelel parking & backing around a corner. Over and over we did this until finally the day of the test came (today!). I got Jessie out of school early and we headed up for the DOL - when we got there we were early - and I thought we'd have to wait forever - but low and behold the guy came to the car 30 minutes early! I thought Jessie was going to faint but she didn't - she actually did very well! Off she went with Mr. DOL and before I knew it she was back with the blessed yellow slip in hand (that's the magical slip that says you passed) - Jessie tried to fake a sad face but she couldn't hide that smile that was beaming from her happy face.

She'd passed her test - passed it! Woohoo - what a happy moment it was. Now we wait for that final moment when she actually turns 16!

Friday, June 5, 2009

It happened in a blink...

Where does the time go to? It seems like yesterday that I brought you home from the hospital. So tiny. So pure, and precious. I remember counting your toes and loving your little furrowed brow. If I close my eyes and think for a moment I can still smell the sweet smell of your hair - apricots - it smelled like apricots. Long gone are those days when I would cradle you close in my arms each night and sing softly the words "teach me to walk in the light of His love, teach me to pray to my Father above....", yet while they are long gone they are not forgotten. My throat feels the hint of soreness and my eyes well up with tears as I think of those sweet moments that are now gone, but which the memory of is burned into my very being.

I remember when I used to look at people back then, people who age that I am now, people who had "older" children, who had "freedom", who didn't have diaper bags and car seats. I would dream of the day when that would be my life - "oh, how sweet it would be" I would think to myself. Little did I know then that I would look back once I got here and long for those days when my children were young again. Why is it that we can't cherish the moments we are in when we are in them? Why do we always feel the need to hurry through life? Life should be enjoyed. EVERY LAST MINUTE OF IT - it just goes to fast and we shouldn't miss any part of it. Oh what I wouldn't give to have just one more tender moment where I could cradle you close Kara and sing to you once more as you nuzzled your small precious head close to mine.

Tonight Kara graduated from high school. I have dreaded and be moaned this day for the past 4 years and yet awaited it eagerly. It's a "bittersweet" moment for sure. While I'm so very proud of her, what she has accomplished in her life and the beautiful young woman she has become, and excited to see what will come next as she enters this new phase of adulthood, I can't help but be sad at the same time. I'm going to miss this beautiful girl and am going to long to hear her voice and see her smile.

Where does the time go to? It seems like yesterday you were a young girl learning to walk, then ride a bike, and heading off to the first day of school. I blinked and 17 1/2 years have flown by - you've grown up and are finished with those childhood things. Your a young adult who is ready to start off on a new chapter of her life. Enjoy this new chapter Kara because before you know it you'll blink and it will be done. You'll wonder what happened and it will seem like a dream. Then it will sink in just how fast our time here on earth really's just a blink of an eye. Enjoy it Kara, treasure it, love it, live it. I love you!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Label: Public Enemy #1 - Loud & Obnoxious

Even as I sit here now trying to type this...I'm not quite sure what to say. In life, we all know that there will be times when we will meet people who will for whatever reason just not "like" us, but even though you may have that knowledge it doesn't help soothe the wound when it hits.

I realize that I am an acquired taste - a taste that isn't for everyone. Truly I know that. In life you will find people of all sorts of flavors. Some are vanilla, some are chocolate, or strawberry. Me? Well, I'm pistachio! lol While it's wonderful to me - it's not for everyone. Aren't we all supposed to be different to a degree? How boring it would be if we were all exactly the same? But nonetheless, I know that not everyone will "get" that I'm truly just like everyone else, goofy one moment, serious the next, excited about life, needing acceptance and wanting a friend.

Some days I am my own worst enemy. Does that ever happen to you? Hard as I try - the words just don't come out right, and I come off sounding like a total goof or heaven forbid at times - rude (which truly I try so hard not to do - but at times I will admit I have "footinmouthitis"). Both of these though can be detrimental to friendship. Those who love you will overlook your goofiness and realize it is only a temporary lapse of brainpower and that soon you'll be back to normal. Those who don't, will write you off as a idiot. Those who love you will forgive your ailment of "footinmouthitis" and realize that you TRULY didn't mean it the way it came out because they will KNOW the intent of your heart and that it is good. Others will think the worst of you and worst yet, will always think you are a horrible person when truly you aren't, you just had a moment of "footinmouthitis". But then - maybe I'm the only one with that disease at times eh? I'm a pretty open person and I do tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. While it can be a good trait at times it can also be a curse. You will never have to guess how I'm feeling as it is normally pretty evident with me. Being an open person though leaves you very vulnerable - as you can easily be hurt by oncoming labels or cross blows of glares.

When I was naming my blog, I was torn as to what to call it. It didn't want it to be just for business or just my family stories etc - I wanted to have a place where I could just be open, be myself - a place where I could express myself not only creatively but also emotionally - sort of a what makes Kim tick sort of spot. My sister Rebecca actually came up with the name "Kim is a card" which of course it is a play on words since I make cards & I'm also a goof - I love to make people smile. There is a saying Laughter soothes the soul. It brightens your life and makes the worldly cares of your heart fade away. There is a saying by Mary H. Waldrip that states: "A laugh is a smile that bursts" - I LOVE this saying. We need more smiles so they can burst. Life is to be enjoyed not just endured. Abraham Lincoln stated "most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be". I've used this saying many times in my life with my children when life has gotten them down, it's followed by "choose happiness". I truly do believe we can choose to be happy in life - it's up to us.

Anyways, today my heart is heavy and saddened. Try as I might my eyes aren't smiling and so neither is my mouth and I'm afraid I might not get that smile which would then burst into a laugh at all today. I'll get over it, the pain will lapse and a new day will bring new friends into my life but for today I am sad. I'm saddened by what could have been. By the friendship that is now lost, and the labels that seem to have been attached now to my forehead. Soon the super glue power will fade, and the labels will fall off. My wounds will heal and yes, I will make new friends. But, deep down I know that there will always be that feeling of loss. The wonder of what could have been a great friendship if only they could have over looked whatever moment it was that made them turn away.

I love the part in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" when the dad is toasting the bride and groom and he explains the meaning of both of the family's last names and how one means apple and the other orange. He says "while we are both different on the outside, we are basically the same - both fruits". Truly, this statement is true. We are all pretty much the same on the inside - even though I am pistachio - on the outside - on the inside I'm just a vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. I have the same feelings, hopes, dreams , aspirations, longings and beliefs.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Easy Road or Right Road?

You know, almost everyday we are given the opportunity to make a choice, sometimes it's multiple times in one day but nonetheless we most often get the chance to make a choice at least once a day. The choices I'm speaking of are the choice to take the "easy" road or the "right" road - which in some cases is the harder road to go.

Now, this might hit a sore spot with some as it touches us deep with in as to what our foundation truly is - are we the sort who "glide" through life - taking the "easy" road, the one that takes the least effort, rarely cause us embarrassment, or allows us to blend into the crowd as much as possible? Or do we take the "right" road, which may make us seem different, may cause some embarrassment at times as we make that step out of our comfort zone and which almost ALWAYS takes more effort?

Our choice we make could be minor, such as whether to sit at the computer all day or whether to do our exercises or get the laundry done. While yes, there are consequences for not getting the laundry done or for sitting on the computer all day - they aren't HUGE in life,unless you do this everyday - then at some point you WILL become a Jello-Head and WILL start to stink and NOT FIT any of your clothes because you've not done the wash and haven't taken care of working off those darn peanut M&M's you seem to love. (-;

Other choices carry a little more weight, still not earth shattering but nonetheless tell us the kind of person that we are.

Recently my sister and I went to lunch at a relatively new place here in Marysville. She had visited there previously and raved about it's yumminess, so of course I wanted to go too! While there had been other patrons there when we first arrived - soon we found ourselves all alone. Now, whether this means anything or not we will see - but I want to set the tone for the moment. Anyways, as we were sitting there finishing up our lunch, an "older" woman came in - now I say older but truly she was probably 10 years older than me - maybe - or maybe she'd just had a harder life who knows - but anyways, she was wearing one of those rather short sundresses - you know the ones; the ones that have the slip under them and then an organza type pattern piece that flows over them? Now, she was not should I say this kindly? She was not a small woman, but not a large woman either, but truly the dress wasn't probably the best choice for her that day. As she entered she walked up to place her order and out of the corner of my eye I noticed something that made me gasp. Her "slip" that was to cover her (backside and all) was stuck up in the back - well you can guess by what. To be honest it did make me gasp and I mentioned it to my sister. We both sat there for a moment and giggled, thinking "glad that's not me" - but then it hit me, if it were me, I hope someone would tell me, yes, I would be embarrassed for a moment but I would be so grateful to that person for telling me. I pondered that, struggled with that for what seemed like forever but truly was only a few moments - how would this woman receive me - would she be embarrassed that I'd said something to her? It would require me to definitely step out of my comfort zone to get up from my lunch and go over to her and say something. As she moved along the isle telling the servers behind the counter what she wanted I kept thinking - "if it were me...." - finally I could take it no longer, what if someone else walked in and saw, what if she was going out to meet up with friends or was headed back to work (which I don't know who wears a sundress like that to work but who knows - what if?) anyways, I mustered up the courage, and up I went to tell her - instantly she turned around so her back side was to the counter and with much chagrin she thanked me for telling her, made the necessary adjustments to said slip, and back I went to my seat. I was glad that I'd finally gotten up the courage to tell her, she finished her order and on the way out thanked me again, but as I sat there and as I've pondered that moment since, I can't help but be bothered by the fact that it took me a little bit to get up and go over and say something. Why didn't I jump up at the first notice? Would I have done anything differently if there HAD been other people still in that restaurant and we hadn't been alone when she entered. Would I have even noticed? While it was the "right" road to take - it would have been the better road if I had gone up a little faster to tell her rather than talk myself into it. I thought at the time it was hard - but truly it wasn't that hard. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable but truly when you think of it - isn't that when we truly grow in life? When things get a little uncomfortable we have to stretch and we grow right?

Life is a test. Are we cheating and taking the "easy" road or are we truly being tested by taking the "right" road, the harder road at times. While some say life is to be endured, truly I feel life is to be enjoyed. We can do that more fully when we take the "right" road, as it is then and only then that we can hold our heads high knowing we've passed the test without cheating. There will be choices we will be faced with at times in our lives that will be "earth shattering", they WILL point our lives in one direction or in another. I think our little daily choices help us to stay on the straight and narrow path which of course will bring us the most happiness in life. By making the "right" choice in the little choices we make, we will find it easier to make the "right" choice in those that are harder, life changing choices that will come our way.

What kind of a person are you? Do you glide through life taking the "easy" road or do you take the "right" road, the road that makes you stretch? How are you teaching your kids to seek that "right" road? Tell me about it - maybe together we can all grow from this.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Simple Snapshots Workshop

This is my latest workshop - it's featuring our 9x9 Simple Snapshots. These are normally for making easy scrapbook pages, but I saw another consultant use them to make cards and can I "improve" upon that idea? I made a few alterations to make it work for ME and here you go - Faster, Simpler, Easier cards - cards you can make SUPER fast - which are simple but have an elegant touch to them.

I'm excited to offer this workshop, as times are tough, money is tight and so is time. These cards are so stinkin' easy to make, you'll easily be able to complete all 24 of them in less than an hour. Plus they are WAY affordable - how's $25 for 24 cards sound?With envelopes!

PLUS, I'm going to be offering a simple card organizer for just $5 more that will hold a dozen of these cute little cards - making it a perfect gift for under $18 (12 cards $12.50 + $5 for the holder) who can beat that?!

I'm offering it in Silhouette (shown above and next to me here), Let's Get Together (also shown above), Free Spirit, Moon Doggie, Sweet Pea, Rough N Tumble, Perfect Day & That's Amore.

This workshop will run May 30th from 9am - noon and then again that evening from 7pm - 10pm and then again on June 2nd 9am -noon and 7pm - 10pm.

Come join the fun...make a few cards for someone you'd like to celebrate life's moments with, because we all have "moments 2 celebrate"!

Look for details on my website - hurry to sign up as space is limited!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She wore the "perfect" dress.....

Prom event that teenage girls dream about from the time they enter middle school. It's something that comes for many of us just once in a life time(unless you are my sister who went to three different proms in 3 weeks! lol), and for some of us not at all.

This last weekend was the MPHS prom night - a night long awaited in the Lohberg household. We'd spent the time searching for the "perfect" dress - which I'm happy to post a picture of now - isn't it cute?! While it might not be every one's "perfect" dress, it was the "perfect" dress for Kara. The colors were just amazing and she just glowed in it.

We spent the day getting manicures & pedicures, making her "one of a kind" jewelry to match her outfit, fixing hair, picking up the boutonniere etc.

At long last it was time for him to pick her up. I'd given him a hard time about taking some photos before they left so he showed up a little early just for me to do that - smart boy!

Then they were off to take group photos over at the park by his folks home. We of course followed behind so we could take more shots! lol - I was glad to arrive and find ALL of the other parents there as well to take pictures of their children - so we weren't the ONLY freaks to be paparazzi-ing the kids.

They took it all in stride and seemed to have a blast while doing it as well. I mean just check out these "cool" shades! Kara and Barry both work at the local theatre that had recently shown a 3-D movie - pop out the crazy lenses and voila - you've got fun, funky glasses! Of course they thought it was hilarious to wear these cool shades during the group photos - not sure how all the other parents felt - but personally I was on the "that's hilarious" side!

Right after prom comes graduation - it's the signal that high school life is coming to a close and before you know these two will find themselves starting new adventures. Barry will soon be off to serve a full time mission for our church and Kara will be heading off to BYU in the fall.

Soon they will leave their childhood life behind, and embrace adulthood.

While, I'm sad to see her leave our home, I can't help but be excited for her to experience life and all it has to offer.

How grateful I am to have had these special years with her. How I will long to spend every second that she will be willing to share with me as she will now have a busy life of her own.

Yes, prom may be over and graduation just a blink away but the memories are locked up tight in my heart and are here to stay.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recipe Book....

Okay - so I mentioned a few posts back that I would be posting the recipe book that I was working on. It will be featured in a workshop on May 7th, 8th & 9th and the cost will be $18 to make it. While it's not meant to hold EVERY recipe you've ever made - it will hold several of your favorites. It would make a great gift for a newlywed, college student, friend or for yourself to house those family favorites. Here's a picture of the cover of it - you can email me for more details or visit my website:

Finding the PERFECT dress...

There are a few times in your life where finding that perfect dress means everything. As a baby, our mothers search for the "perfect dress" for us to be blessed in. I remember making a blessing gown for Kara when she was a baby out of material from my wedding gown.

When you're 8, sometimes you search for the "perfect dress" to be baptized in (of course my girls never had that option as our stakes always had jumpers they wore but nonetheless this is about dresses - and that is a time you find the perfect dress as well).

When your Kara's age, your "perfect dress" is for prom and that is the "perfect dress" I want to talk about today.

I never went to prom when I was Kara's age, my sisters ALL went to proms - in fact, some went to SEVERAL proms, I believe it was my sister Laurzia who went to 3 proms in 3 weeks! But alas, no prom for scary old me, so I never did the prom dress shopping as a youth. Needless to say I was a little excited to take Kara out to find the perfect dress.

We figured out that Monday would work for both of our schedules and so after doing a little internet shopping & investigation of local shops, I found a few places within 25 miles that we could visit.

Kara came home from school, grabbed a snack and off we went. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining (which for Washington is amazing) and it was just the kind of day that makes you want to rejoice in nature - live outdoors, hit the beach, take a long drive - anything that would allow you to soak in the warmth and beauty that surrounded you. Of course, we were dress shopping and that's unfortunately an "indoor" activity, but as we drove in the car that afternoon I was in heaven at the fact that I needed sunglasses.

Anyways, we first went to a little shop in Snohomish and spent what seemed like hours trying on dresses, it was actually only a little over an hour but hey when you're locked in a little space with a sea of poofy dresses it can seem like an eternity. One major problem when shopping for the "perfect dress" is that there are NOT very many dresses that are modest, in fact almost ALL the dresses we saw were extremely immodest, and we all know that "modest is the hottest," so we knew that we were probably going to have to find something and then alter it in some way to make it work. Well we found a dress, and while it was pretty - and it looked nice on Kara - you could tell that it just wasn't THE dress. We did however put it on hold and thought we would try another place just to see, and then if we couldn't find anything at least we had it to go back to. So, on went the sunglasses (OH YA BABY!) - and into the sunshine we went again in search of the "perfect dress."

Our little adventure took us next to Lynnwood to David's Bridal. Instantly we spotted this quirky dress in the window as we approached the store and Kara sort of lit up, I on the other hand was a little surprised that she like it. We went inside and started to pull dresses, one by one off the rack and had them placed in a fitting room for her to try on. Just for fun Kara thought she would try on the quirky dress we had seen in the window, we found out that there were only 3 of those dresses in the whole store, the one on the mannequin, and two on the rack, one a size 2 and one just Kara's size, so we pulled it off the rack and off to the fitting room we went.

Now anyone who's been shopping for a wedding dress knows how you just feel like a princess when you are trying on those beautiful gowns - and they place you on a pedestal with mirrors all around, and when you have a dress that isn't right - the mirrors are BRUTALLY honest, but when you've found just the "perfect dress" it is a thing of beauty to behold, am I right?

Dress after dress she tried on, until finally she put on that quirky dress we'd seen in the window. Her face just lit up and we knew that she'd found the "perfect dress" - a dress made just for her. She just glowed in it and truly it is an amazing dress. Unlike any dress I've ever seen, to be honest. Here's a little peek at the fabric:

Of course it needs a little doctoring to make it modest enough - so off to the mall we went in search of the perfect shrug, lol, we walked through the mall, searched through a few stores and found a shrug we thought was a color that would match, so we bought it and headed back to David's Bridal to see the two together.

Kara tried the dress on again and put on the shrug - it was just PERFECT. The whole package was vavavoom fabulous I must say. She looked absolutely beautiful and radiant.

So, 5 hours of shopping on a sunny day, a few hundred dollars, but a priceless moment between a mother and daughter that won't be forgotten, it will be treasured in my heart for years to come.

What happened to my little girl? She's grown up in the blink of an eye, and has become a beautiful woman. Someday, in the not too distant future, we will head out yet again in search of the "perfect dress," and it won't be for a prom, it will be the dress she will wear on her wedding day. Time, it just goes too fast.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

She's been MIA.....

Okay - so I've been a little MIA the past few weeks...what can I say - life happens and it has been happening! LOL

First off - we spent a week in Washington D.C. for spring break. Sharon, my dad's wife wanted to take the kids there and I got to go along too - yeah me! While it is fun to get away, the end result is you have to return and then get back into the swing of things - which is my next saga...

So - we head home to be met at the airport by Jeff who is flying out that very day to see his folks in Arizona. Quick kiss at baggage claim and he was off while we waited for luggage to arrive. What was to be a 3 day trip for him turned into a LONG week as his father had some medical issues the night before he was to leave and ended up in the hospital. So, needless to say not a great trip for him.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (aka home), I was madly trying to catch up on business that needed to be attended to, with the monthly clubs & now workshops that I'm throwing into the loop, plus hair appointments I keep pretty busy.

Anyways, I'm here now, been a little frazzled but here. So - I thought I would post something that we did in the technique club this month. This is a card we did which uses the technique of Masking.

I love my technique clubs - they meet monthly and we learn a new technique every month. We also make an instruction sheet that they can refer back to so they can remember how to do it later.

If you'd be interested in joining a technique club, let me know - there's always room!

Anyways, that's a little of what Kim's been up to - while she was MIA, she has been found and she promises to post on here again real soon - watch for my creative cube to be posted soon & then right after that I'll post a cute recipe book - both of these will be featured in upcoming workshops in May - watch for details to post soon!

And remember...Whoooo loves you? That would be me baby!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Keeping the memories alive...

We all take pictures so that we will "remember" those special times in our lives that we hope to never forget, but oft times those precious moments get stuck in a drawer or in a box up on a shelf in the closet. They are tucked away neatly in an envelope, with the promise to someday look at them again. How sad is that?

While we don't need to scrapbook every photo we ever take - we should scrapbook the photos that speak to our hearts. You know the ones I'm talking about, they are the photos that bring a smile to your face, or a tear to your eye, and bring you right back to that moment that you had originally taken that photo.

This past fall we had the opportunity to take a trip to Europe as a family. It was an amazing trip that I was able to earn as a consultant for Close To My Heart and because of my fabulous clients & friends. It is a trip that we will not soon forget or at least that's what it feels like now. But I know deep down that in order for us to keep these memories fresh and alive I must scrapbook some of those wonderful moments.

We were fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days in London, we'd specifically taken our family there so that we could visit the London LDS Temple while there. This trek to the temple touched our hearts and set the tone for what would become an amazing trip to be treasured forever. If I haven't already shared the details with you - ask me sometime!

I've recently created a little acrylic album of our trip to Europe that I'm really excited to share with you. I absolutely LOVE these little albums and thoroughly enjoyed creating it. I will be featuring this as a workshop the end of April, if you would like to come - check out my website: and look under the calendar for the month of April for details.

This was taken in Ville'franche - what an cute little town - I could LIVE there for sure!

This is London - the train became our best friend & the temple was so beautiful!

This area features some of the ports we went to like Malta, Rome, Florence and of course Ville'franche!

Not sure if you can see this - but there is a half page in there that I've attached the journaling to - you can then view the photo from behind since it's acrylic.

There is a half circle page here....

and then another half page overlay that I've added journaling to...

While it is not meant to "house" all my memories of this once in a life time trip - it spotlights our adventure and will make a fun little table book to keep those memories alive for years to come.

What special memories do you need to preserve and what are you doing to keep them alive?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's in our very nature....

Why do we create? What is it that makes us look for "creative outlooks"? This is something that I've pondered many times in my life. I know some will say "I'm not creative" and to that I say BONK! I KNOW deep down that EVERYONE can create - it's just a matter of developing that talent - a talent that we as women all share. But WHY do we have this urge to create? What is it that gives us such satisfaction when we do create something?

While visiting a blog that I follow recently, I found the following video clip. It had been posted on YouTube as well, and has been made from a talk that was recently given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While I do not wish to use this space to preach about my religion - it goes without saying that my religion is very much a big part of who I am, and I would be remiss if I did not share this with you now as I feel it answers the questions that I have posed above. Take a second to watch it...

The post that I follow listed the following words - I want you to THINK about these words for a moment next time you think you are not creative:

Beautify Extend
Cultivate Develop

It's true, we can't help but create, it's in our very nature, it's who we are, it's what defines us.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't forget....

I'm a list maker. I LOVE to make lists. I LOVE even more to cross things off my list! Yes, I am a red pen / crosser-offer (is that even a word? if not it is now) addict. I too am a slacker (see previous posts) - I will admit it openly and freely. I have the best of intentions but often just plain forget things (maybe that's because I'm "old" or maybe the kids did it to me - can I blame them?). If you are like me (which I am not saying any of your are freaks like me) but if you ARE like me - then you might be a little forgetful too sometimes. Anyways, I saw this cute message center a few months ago and thought it would make for a fun workshop so I finally got around to making one.

I will be featuring this project in a workshop April 10th - you can check out the details on my website or leave a comment below if you'd like to make one too.
It's an easy project to make - I've got several paper colors you could choose from - this one just fits me. Make one for yourself or make one for a gift for someone you love so that they can get the much needed "help" they need to remember! You may even get a thank you note out of it, that is if they remember to mail it.
that's it for today - I'm going to whip out my red pen and check off my list - blog posted! over and out.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kim's first GIVEAWAY...

Okay, so I'm getting sucked in.....a few of my friends are doing sort of a "Pay it Forward" giveaway. Of course after reading their blogs on this I thought it would be a good idea to join in on the fun!

I figure, if there is ANYONE ACTUALLY reading my blog then maybe you would join in as well on this fun experiment. If no one is reading my blog then I'm off the hook to do anything! LOL

So here's the scoop (on my end):

The first 10 people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For YOU!

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2. What I create will be just for you.
3. It'll be done this year. Hopefully sooner than later.
4. You have no clue what it's going to be...well, you may have a clue as I'm a paper crafter so - it will probably involve a little paper & some inking in some way!
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. Okay, that sounds frightening - I promise it will not be strange.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you must re-post this on your blog and offer the same pay it forward opportunity to the first 5 people who promise do the same by posting on your blog.

Let's spread some love people - one craft at a time!

So, JUST so you are clear - I'm going to do this for the first 10 people (mostly because I found this on two of my friends blogs & want something from both of them - I have another friend who is doing it too - waving to Brittney - but I'm not sure I can commit to 15!

So - the first 10 for me - and then you will do only the first 5 people who post on your blog saying they too will participate in the "pay it forward" game.

Be sure to leave a comment telling me that you are doing it too so that you can win a FAB-U-LOUS handcrafted gift by me! :) Be sure to post pictures of what you won when you receive it!

Ok, let's get in the crafting spirit! Leave me a comment telling me that you're going to do it too. The first 10 are going to get something amazing from me! Well - you can only hope it's amazing - if it's not then just tell me it's amazing and then you can secretly cry and talk smack about me behind my back okay? Good luck!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Error on the page....

Holy Cow - those are the most frustrating words to see when you are eagerly working on submitting an application for something, while worried that you will be "late" doing it!

Today at 8am (MST) was the designated application time for housing at BYU - so dutifully we arose at 6:45 our time (PST) so we could be online at 7am (which of course is 8am MST). That in and of itself was a feat since it's Saturday morning and hey, we like to sleep in if possible.

The anxiety was killing us as we were striving to get Kara into her chosen housing dorm,once we logged in we saw we were 553 out of 553 in line to submit at that early hour. Within seconds the page refreshed and our number went down into the 400's out of 600+ then it refreshed again and the first number continued to go down as the last number began to jump into the 1000's. At 7:05 (remember that is 8:05 for them) we were number 37 out of 3652 - and we were extremely excited to be such a low number when so many were now online striving for the very same thing we were striving for. We knew that in just seconds that we would soon be able to submit the much anticipated application, and we saw the seconds ticking away 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...and we waited, waited, waited, only to have those cheers turn into tears within seconds, as the link went to take us to the application page we got an "error on the page" code - nervous that we had lost our "spot" online we clicked refresh (which is what the page instructed us to do) of course we just got that error on the page code again. We hit the back button - got our "number in line" page - waited for the page to refresh and back we were to the error code page yet again. This continued for 15 minutes - poor Kara was so upset - heck, I was getting upset - but I kept my cool - no bad words were said, not even my stand by of "oh cuss word". I just kept at it - clicking the back button, the refresh button, whatever I could do to get it to work. I even uttered a prayer that it would go through.

Finally, success was ours - we had made it to the survey page so I screamed for Kara - she came running and filled out the page(our time stamp was 8:20 and some seconds - so not first in line s we had lost those 15 minutes with errors, but hopefully early enough to get a spot in her desired dorm). She filled out the survey and hit continue button only to get yet another "error on the page" code. This continued again for another 15 minutes , Kara got so frustrated, she muttered "this is stupid!" and gave up and went back to bed. I was a little ticked off as this was HER application not mine, but she did work last night and has been up early every day for seminary and has to work again in a few hours, so being the "good" mom that I am - I kept at it. I filled out that darned survey a bunch of times as it kept putting me back on that page - I tried calling the housing office, but got the stupid busy signal. It was just about 8 when I finally got through to their office on the phone, I'm sure the poor guy on the other end had had his fair share of calls this morning. Anyways, he told me that we were good to go - we had our date & time stamp and that we were relatively early on the list so we could come back later in the day to complete the papers when the servers were not as busy.

WOOOHOOO!!! We'd made it - well, sort of - at least I didn't have to stay online, hitting that darned refresh button, back button & fill out that "cuss word" survey yet one more time - we had our time & date stamp and that was all that mattered, well that and the fact that I stayed relatively calm, cool and collected - that in and of itself was a small miracle. In the words of Miss Brooks (a whole other story) "Thank you Jesus!"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm not famous, I'm a freak...

Okay, so many of you know that I absolutely adore Stacy Julian. Well, I saw her on my "friend finder" for facebook. Apparently we have friends in common. Of course without hesitating I clicked to add her as a friend only to think after the fact - wow - she doesn't even know who I am - she's going to be thinking...stalker freak! LOL

My good friend Jen & I often chat in scenario style, you know when you start talking and then you embellish it a little and make it into something that is NEVER going to happen? Well, we are the queen's of doing that - it's actually quite fun and something I might even dare to call a talent. My kids are pretty good at it as well...don't know where they learned to do that?!

Anyways, Jen & I have often had this discussion how we are Stacy Julian's BFF's and how we should show up to her place to scrapbook. Of course we would never do that because first of all - she lives in Spokane, and secondly she doesn't even really know either of us. (notice how that is second on my list?heehee) - anyways, Jen does have a slight connection through her sister Tracy who did a piece of artwork for Stacy when she came as our keynote speaker to convention, but that was years ago.

So - tonight when I told Jen that she'd never guess who I was now "friends" with on facebook, she started rattling off names of Close To My Heart corporate people. As she did this I was all...oh, ya I'm friends with them already, I'm friends with her too, ya her too. Jen went through a list - finally after a few hints she came up with Stacy and then gasped. Of course I had to tell her about how I added her and then how I had felt weird after the fact for doing so, and of course we giggled as we do in our devious way thinking we are naughty and cleaver at the same time.

At the end of our conversation I said to Jen - "Ya, I'm friends with all these corporate gals & Stacy but they don't even know who I am" and Jen said, "No, your famous! They know who you are" to which I quickly replied "No, I'm not famous, I'm a freak! Both start with "F" but there is a BIG difference!" So - there you have it - I'm not famous, I'm a freak - both do start with F - but just thought I'd better clarify that just in case there was any confusion on the matter.

Oh and if you ever read this Stacy - sorry for being a stalker -but hey your my BFF right?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday from a slacker...

I have been reminding myself for over a week to send off a few birthday cards, but did I get it done? NOPE!
I've been working on a birthday card workshop that will be held at my house next week, so there has been a constant reminder of "birthdays" here - but did that help me? NOPE!
Last week my sister Jennifer celebrated her birthday (happy belated birthday Jen - wave wave) - her card is sitting here along with a gift that needs to be run to the post office. My brother-in-law Nate's birthday was last week as well - he too has his card & gift sitting here and the sad thing is I don't even have to mail it to him, cause he lives down the street. Today is my dad's birthday - and go figure - his card is sitting right here - not in the mail but on my counter!
Typical for me I tell you....funny thing is (or not so funny thing as the case may be if I owe you a card) I have NO excuse for not getting it off to him or to any of them for that matter, so they can have their birthday recognized on time. I don't have to shop for cards - I make cards - and I always have a stack of cards on hand! That's how it is when you are a card maker, you always have cards on hand - trouble comes in remembering to mail them off!
So here I am confessing that yes, I'm a horrible sister, sister-in-law, daughter, wife, mother, friend. Face it - I'm a slacker. I am owning up to it - in fact I own the term "slacker" at least when it comes to sending out birthday cards.
So, please keep in mind when it comes to your birthday that you are in my thoughts, truly you are, and most likely you will have a card sitting here, on my counter waiting for you for whenever we meet again or whenever I finally realize that "hey - I never mailed that out". From your slacker _________(fill in the blank - see above) - Happy Birthday!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Wanted: swift kick in the butt

I'm a pretty black and white kinda gal - I like a real straight forward approach to things in life. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve - which some might say is a flaw, others though find it you will always know where you stand with me ;-). If I'm happy - you know it. If I'm upset you know that too. What I find interesting is seeing how people react to this. They either a) try to ignore whatever the emotion is or b) they try to "console" you (like if you're sad or something) or c) they give you a swift kick in the butt (which for me is a motivator). Recently I've seen all three of these options in my life.

Seven years ago I became a consultant for Close To My Heart which has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. I signed up to get a discount on scrapbooking & crafting supplies that I wanted but couldn't afford to buy, but didn't realize just how much I would truly enjoy being a consultant and how much it would bless my life. Not only do I get my much loved scrapbooking supplies at a discount but I've also had the opportunity to meet many new friends through parties & monthly stamping clubs that I've taught. I have also been blessed to earn 2 incentive trips with my company, a trip to Alaska that Jeff & I were able to take 2 years ago and then this past fall we went to the Mediterranean with our family - truly amazing trips that we've been able to experience because of Close To My Heart & the amazing group of clients I have! I'm currently working on the next incentive trip - a trip to New Zealand which would be my husbands trip of a life time. It's been a long hard haul as the economy is so sluggish right now. I'm "on track" to earn this trip but I've got a long, steep road a head of me before it becomes a reality.

Some of my friends know that I'm working on this trip, they know it's been hard because of the economy, but choose to not to bring it up because they either don't know what to say or they are afraid I will hit them up to host a party! Some of my friends try to "console" me - they try to ease my pain by telling me "It's okay, you'll earn the next one", while this could be true, it doesn't help me with the "failure feeling" I'm having right now. Then I have a FEW friends who choose option C and they give me a swift kick in the butt and tell me to get to work.

Can I just say THANK YOU to them?! I truly need a swift kick in the butt sometimes to get to work.

My family has a "motto". I say that cautiously as it probably wouldn't be something every family would call a motto - but we call it that. It's "Suck it up we've all got problems". Sounds harsh I'm sure to some - but it works for us. We've all got problems, things we are or need to work on. We can either mope around or we can get over it and fix it. Option C - the swift kick in the butt is just like "suck it up we've all got problems" get over it and get to work! So there it is - my swift kick has been administered, and while I might be a little sore from it, it will serve as a reminder of what I need to do - I need to suck it up and get to work!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kim is a card...or Kim's a card - either works for me and yes both are true to a degree. Life's too short to spend it being serious all the time and I love to make cards & scrapbook! There is a time and place to be serious but I truly believe we need to learn to enjoy life. I use the word "learn" because it truly fits - so many people just don't know how to enjoy anything.

Things make me happy quite often - and I use those exact words when I find myself happy. Let me give you an example. I teach scrapbooking & card making classes several times a month - and as I am working I find myself saying things like "I love that color, it makes me happy" or "I like that stamp it makes me happy". Obviously I say this a lot because I had a client of mine comment the other day - "lots of things make you happy Kim"! I thought about what she said for a while, because I know I say this a lot - but it's true - things do make me happy. It doesn't have to be big things mind you - it's just that I try to find joy in the little things in life and this is my simple way of expressing that something has made me happy.